Food Delivery App

Blacksheep Restaurant is a platform where all the top notch restaurants can register themselves and will be listed on the website. It is a simple and cool way for restaurants to cater to the needs of their existing customers as well as attract new customers!

The users can sign up on this website and browse through all the restaurants and their menus. All the details will be displayed on the restaurants page and the users can order whatever food items they want. They can also track the delivery boy's location via a link shared over the registered email address by the restaurant. On the other hand the delivery boys can update the delivery status if it's delivered or on the way.

We have also integrated the 3rd party payment gateway to pay for the orders online. Also we have integrated a gift card functionality in this which users can use physically in the restaurants but the topup and balance can be done from the application only.

The admin has all the rights to manage all the users and the restaurants. Right from reviewing the restaurant's profile to dive into the deep-insights of the system.

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Our Approach

The client had decades of experience in hospitality along with a zest for travel and discovering dining subcultures. The client was expecting a top notch experience. The client was not expecting anything less than a great user experience and butter smooth user flow.

The Development team completed the whole project within the defined timeline and QA and QC team made sure that the product delivered to the client met the clients requirements and expectations and with no issues. The whole development progress kept transparent from the client and managed over the JIRA.

Timely updates given to the client after the end of every sprint.

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The Challanges

1. Gift card management (Live tracking) 2. Real Time location tracking 3. Geo Fencing as the restaurants nearby to the users location will only be displayed 4. Intuitive UI and user experience

The Solution

To mitigate the above mentioned challenges we have given some solutions that are as follows

We have implemented the GiveX API to manage the gift cards. The Gift Cards can be used physically in the restaurants but can top up and view the balance in the card from the application.

We have used google map API for live tracking of the delivery partner and the geo fencing for the nearby restaurants.

The website developed is attractive and visually appealing considering the modern designs.

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1. Allows customers with easy access to their favorite restaurants 2. Provides them with a great way to make lunch or dinner reservations 3. Placing orders is a great feature 4. Order the food and pickup from restaurant 5. Payment Gateway to pay online 6. Giftcard management (Topup, View Gift Card Details, view balance) 7. Informative Blogs 8. News Articles 9. Add the food item in the cart and place the order 10. Track the food delivery partner 11. Order status 12. Intuitive UI/UX

Technologies Used

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The restaurant app enables regular customers who love fine dining experiences with the added convenience of booking reservations in advance. The restaurant also makes possible new food delivery orders that come in from far and wide – from those who prefer the convenience of getting good food at their doorstep. Takeaways also will see an increase in numbers. Well, the app delivered what it was supposed to.