WordPress Speed Optimization Techniques

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WordPress is an online, opensource website creation tool written in PHP. It is one of the greatest & easiest platform to work. Some of the powerful features are: Page builders, Visual Composers, SEO friendly, Easy to Manage & Accessible.It has many powerful features.But it suffers from a drawback of quite slow which  leads to hassle for repeat visitors and also causes you to lose subscribers and customers. Without taking the right safeguards, you could end up with a sluggish site.

Some of the competent techniques are there to optimise the wordpress speed like Fast loading pages improving user experience, increasing your pageviews, and can surely help with your WordPress SEO:

  1. Choose a Correct Host: Always invest in good hosting. Speed of your website can get hurted when your web hosting server is not properly configured.Choose a hosting plan that can handle traffic spikes efficiently.
  2. Use A Fast Theme/Framework: Start with a solid framework/theme. A design that has been coded badly, or uses images throughout the design, will add unnecessary weight to your page. Choose a design that has been optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  3. Using a caching plugin: Biggest causes of WordPress are plugins as website are getting slower. Installation of plugins without the research will lead to the performance issues. In simple words, when a caching plugin is active on your site,server’s users gets cached copies of your pages. It greatly reduces MySQL database access, no. of PHP requests, server access for static resources, and even HTTP requests (in case of combining multiple files into one).
  4. Use of CDN: CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDNs are the magic bullet of websites, they make everything a lot simpler and faster. Using the CDN  offloading the static resources of the site like images, scripts, css files, can speed up the site.
  5. Optimise Image: Images bring life to your content and help boost engagement. But if your images aren’t optimized, they could be hurted more than helping. In fact, non-optimized images are one of the most common speed issues we see. Fortunately, there are amazing free plugins available which will do this process to all of the images automatically, at the time of uploading them.
  6. Turn-off Trackbacks & Pingbacks: Trackbacks and Pingbacks aren’t good for your site speed. WordPress interacts with other blogs that are equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks. Turning this off will not destroy the backlinks to your site, just the setting that generates a lot of work for your site.
  7. Replace PHP with HTML Wherever Possible in Your Code: To optimise the speed This one is a little bit advanced but can drastically cut down your load time just replace your PHP code with HTML whenever possible. Plain and simple HTML is a lot faster to process for web servers than PHP.
  8. Optimize Your Database: You can optimize your WordPress MySQL database directly from PHPMyAdmin, or by using a plugin. There are a lot of poorly coded WordPress themes out there. They ignore WordPress standard practices and end up making direct database calls, or too many unnecessary requests to the database. This can really slow down your server by giving it too much work to do.


These are some useful tactic which can surely Optimise the speed of the wordpress website in an effective manner.

Apart from these techniques, what do you think will be the most useful technique for improving & optimising the widely used WordPress CMS?

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What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is referred to as the potential of the robots being controlled by the robots or the digital computers who perform the tasks, incorporated with the intelligent beings.The concept of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is often applied to development system projects. It has bestowed with the sage processes of human characteristics, such as power to reason, meaning to discover, generalizing, or experience learning from the past.

After the digital computers were developed in 1940s, it has been signified that computers are programmed to carry out the tasks that are very complex. Such as proofs that are discovered for the theorems of mathematics or chess playing with the great efficiency and proficiency. Performance levels by the expert humans have attained some programs in performing some of the tasks that are very specific, so that the applications of the Artificial Intelligence(AI) are founded as diverse into the diagnosis of the medical. Search engines of the computers, voice recognition and the human handwriting recognition is one of the newest.

There are two distinct and different approaches of Artificial Intelligence(AI), and to the extent there are methods that are competing i.e the symbolic and the connection-list approach.

The basic goal of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the creation of the systems and making them expertise and professionalized, creating the systems that can very well understand, learn, behave and think as the human beings do. Its main motive is to create the systems that exhibits the intelligence behavior, can learn on its own, give a piece of advice and demonstrate well to the users.


Is Blockchain the missing link of IoT?

Blockchain technology is surely making a buzz and its making a way into the mainstream. While blockchain technology aspires to change the world, there are many of us who are not aware of the potential of it.


Sales Vs Business Development

Most of us do think that sales and business development are the 2 ways to refer to the same activity and if you are 1 of them you are absolutely thinking wrong and not doing your job correctly.


Angular 2 or 4 – Which one to work on?

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In last five years, AngularJS has been evolved tremendously. It has advanced from AngularJS version 1.0 to Angular version 2.0 and now Angular version 4.0. Angular is considered one of the best open-source JavaScript frameworks.

Angular 2 was more focused on the development of mobile apps, as it allowed developers to create cross platform applications. The reason is that it is easier to handle the desktop component of things after the challenges connected to mobile apps (functionality, load time, etc.) have been addressed. This version of Angular was more focused on the development of mobile apps, as it allowed developers to create cross platform applications. The reason is that it is easier to handle the desktop component of things after the challenges connected to mobile apps (functionality, load time, etc.) have been addressed. Numerous modules were eliminated out of Angular’s core, which led to better performance. These made their way to Angular’s ever-growing ecosystem of modules, which means that you have the ability to select and choose the components you want.

Brief Comparison between Angular 2 and 4

  1. Architecture – The upgrade of the version from 2.0 to 4.0 has reduced its bundled file size by 60%. The code generated is reduced and has accelerated the application development. Here the developed code can be used for prod mode and debug.
  2. JavaScript and TypeScript – Angular v4.0 is compatible with newer versions TypeScript 2.1 and TypeScript 2.2. This helps with better type checking and also enhanced IDE features for Visual Studio Code.
  3. Mobile Support – Angular 2.0 has made it possible to accomplish the native applications for a mobile platform like React Native. Angular 2.0 gives us the two layers: application layer and the rendering layer. As need, any view can be rendered in runtime for the required component.

Additional new features in Angular 4.0

Angular Universal was a community driven project but now adopted by the Angular team. It’s great news and opens a new dimension to build powerful SPA yet 100% SEO friendly.

  1. Better AOT compiler
  2. Improved *ngFor and *ngIf
  3. Universal Now included in the core module.
  4. New service to easily get or update meta tags
  5. New Validators for valid email
  6. Animation has an own package and pulled out from @angular/core which reduces code if your production package not using Animation.
  7. Better Debugging with Source Maps for Templates


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