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Matterport API offers complete, realistic and interactive 3D and VR experiences for properties like homes, offices, shops, restaurants or malls. We have integrated this API in a Website which creates the 3D virtualization of the buildings. All the registered users have their unique URL models for their own builds and they can use the URL for the created 3d virtualization.

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Food Delivery App

Blacksheep Restaurant is a platform where all the top notch restaurants can register themselves and will be listed on the website. It is a simple and cool way for restaurants to cater to the needs of their existing customers as well as attract new customers!

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Language Translation

Language Translation is a platform to find the content writers and the translation expertise online. This platform provides 100+ language options to the user to translate the content and hire content writers for the posted jobs.

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We Travel Thailand

The client’s requirement was to develop a platform for the users to book the tours and trips in Thailand. The client wanted to offer the visitors an ease of booking tickets, hotel, flights and any other services.

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Twilio + FedEx/UPS API

This project was created to track the shipments requested by the crew members of any of the events. UPS and fedex APIs are integrated so that they can get the services directly from them and can check the estimated cost and time from the application directly.



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