Treasure Hunt

After all the events that took place in the office premises only, now came a day that was a complete outdoor activity. So the event for this day was “Treasure Hunt”.

In this game each team will have to go to a specified location which is in a specified area and have to complete the task and send the photos and the teams who completes all the location first will be the winner.

But the twist is nether you will the location straight away not the task. To make the teams even in number, each was given one spoiler out of 4 to be play as a team member for that team. So from every team 3 members will have to go to the location and complete the task, but now the question is what will the other three going to do, they will give you the location where you have to reach. The members who the teams left at the office will be given a riddle related to the location and as they guess the riddle right they will be tell that to the other team members who are outside. As the members reaches the location, they have to call to the organisers and then they will be given the task. They have to complete that and send photos and and the riddle for the next location will be given to the other members. This way they have to complete three locations of Area1. This was a nearby location so they were asked to do that by walking.
So the locations and the task were as per the riddle and at the end of round one Independent Aleans did it first and came back to office first. Second was Invincible 5 Teen and Third was game Crackers. But the scores are not revealed for this event now the results will be declared at the final day.

After completing the first round, we spent sometime with each other and knowing everyone’e experience of the game.
Then came the turn for second round it was also the same but the difference was here the location was quite far from office premises. So each team had a member who knows location as well as have a car.
Again the members were guessing the location and other were completing the task. this time there were four locations and they also not have to reach to the office back to reach to a common place which were provided again as a riddle. All the members gathered at the Statue Circle along with the members staying at the office. We had the best coffee of Jaipur that day and the best part was the weather was completely with us, very amazing weather.

We came back to office and moved to our home. So this was all about the event call Treasure Hunt. At the end I can sum up the reading as

People say- “A day well spent”, but I will say this-“A month well spent”

Logo Creation

For every organisation, the Foundation Day is considered to be the most important day as this gives you a glance of the journey of the company for the whole 15 years. You can see all the ups and downs, the celebrations, the difficulties, who stood by your side, who helped you to reach to this level and everything.

And we are also on the verge of celebrating our 15th Foundation Day. And we at Alea, have a long celebration for this event. We start the celebration before 1 month of the final celebration day as this keeps the excitement and the importance of the day till the day that gives us a blast on the final day.

We are finally here beginning with the first event of the Foundation Day. For all the events, we divide our complete team into three small teams who will be playing all different types of games through out the celebrations and the winning team will also receive a gift.

The first event started with the initial step that is to come with up with a interesting name of your team. As all the members are creative so they all came with different and amazing team names. The names are: Game Crackers, Invincible 5 teen and Independent Aleans.
But as we are full of twisters so the games are full of twists and turns. you cannot predict what twist you will get at the very next moment. We have also one team that will not be playing but will be spoilers. Spoilers means they will try their level best to gain points from all the teams as per the activity.

After naming the teams, the next activity was to create a logo of your team and that was of some marks and also have different parameters to be judged and they also have make the logo as per the given theme and color.

•Game Crackers was provided the theme as sun and color as yellow.
•Invincible 5 teen was provided by the theme as sky and color as blue.
•Independent Aleans were provided the theme as vegetables and color as green.

With this all the teams came up with creative and amazing logos for this teams as per the specified themes. But as it is a game so only one team can win so Invincible 5 Teen won the first part of the event. As their logo were very creative, aesthetic and delivering a complete message how a team works.

So this was the first activity and the start of the Foundation Day with all the teams. There were 4 judges who marked them as per all the parameters and the winner was declared. And the next events are quite exciting and full of surprises.

Story Making

After completing the first activity, we are moving with the next activity that is full of surprises, and creativity.
For the next activity, all the teams were asked to bring newspapers of both the languages Hindi and English, 5 magazines, A4 colour sheets, A4 white sheets, a thread and other stationary items. An inaction to that all team were asked to bring flowers for their team which had a twist at the end, a formal attire for both male and female.

The teams had no clue about the reason why they have been asked to bring all these items.
No its time to break the suspense,
First, all the teams had to make a story on the topic that will given later using all the newspaper cuttings, magazines and also have to write it on the white A4 sheets as well as A4 colour sheets and had to tie in the end to make it look like a complete book. They were given 1 hour for this. the topic for this was Road Accidents. All the teams started their work.

Now the spoilers had their job, they were supposed to ask for the points to the teams or they will tell the idea of one team to another. Now this is a test of teams how they convince the spoiler not to reveal their ideas. This was fun, teams brought chocolates and other items for the spoilers to make them in their side. After the completion of time spoilers had some extra time that costs their points in return, and teams took time by losing some of their points which got added in the team of spoilers.
Each team completed their story and submitted their book. Each of them was quite creative and delivering a social message that how roads accidents can be minimised and where are we lacking.

Now this was not the end, the new part of the activity came up. This says that, each team has to prepare a shot video on the same topic of around 1-2 mins. There is a rule that each team can use only 3 members out of 5 for the acting. The rest tow will be idle for this. And again , we got know the acting, directing and scripting skills of our team. Each team gave their best, some were good in acting, some were good in creativity, some were good in adding extra sound effects along with the acting and some delivered a very important message.

And again everyone thought that is it. But as I mentioned earlier the events are full of surprises. Now the team has to enact a complete news reading like news channels in either Hindi or English wearing the formal attires, and the language was decided by the chits you choose. Now again a twist is there, I hope you remember the two members from each team who were asked not to participate, in this part of activity they will be the only participating members.

Every team did it in the same manner as news channels, some were quite funny, some improvised in the middle, some did much better than expected.

Now, as i told you that the flower had a twist, each team had to keep their flower intact, it should not be dead that consist points. Here, the strategy played an important role as Invincible 5 Teen trough artificial flowers which were not harmed in any manner so they won.

The results were announced and the winners were:
Story Book: Independent Aleans (Creativity) and Invincible 5 Teen (Good Story)
Video: Game Crackers (Message Delivery)
News Reading: Independent Aleans (News Reading was very appropriate)

So this was the end of this event and finally the purpose was being achieved that is team building. Some new people were opening up with the team, some hidden talents were shown and a bond with the team was being more stronger.

Riddle Guessing

After all the previous the teams all set for the next event. This activity was all about the creativity and more of fun at the same time. The next activity was Create Riddles. In this activity, all the teams given a color.

First, they have to collect 29 names of the things that are of the collar you chose from origin and they have bring each item with you during the game; 7 virtual items that you cannot bring with you but are origin with the same color, along with that there a twist from our side that is they have to bring any 7 items of purple color not necessary to be origin of purple color.

Everybody tried their level best and came up with the names of all the items as instructed. Now the next step, is they have create riddle for all the items and write them in a card for each in both the languages Hindi and English.

The color giver to the teams were:
Game Crackers: White
Invincible 5 Teen: Black
Independent Aleans: Green

Everybody got some amazing, creative and funny items. And all the teams brought the items, and started creating riddles for all the items. After working for around 3-4 hours everyone was ready with the riddle for the other teams to guess. They have distributed a set of pint to each point and the team guesses it right will get the point.
So the game was simple, we will choose the chit and the name of which team comes up will bring their card and other tow teams will be guessing the riddle.
So the game started, but here came a twist; each purple had a twister, which can either deduct or add points to your team that is complete surprise. So there might be a chance that if you answered the riddle right you can loose your points and if you guessed it wrong you can gain some point and that can really make a huge difference in the scores.

At that time some riddles were really very creative, some were funny whereas some were totally out of context but what is to be appreciated is the effort of each and everyone. The game was full of suspense and no one can guess the final results as the graph of scores were changing simultaneously, the leading team once were at the lowest and the loosing team suddenly got points and were leading.
At the end, Game Crackers and Invincible 5 Teen were left as Independent Aleans were out of the game because their scores were very low. Both the teams were having a next to neck competition and finally Game Cracker won the game with all the parameters that included guessing the right riddles and saving their own cards which were not guessed.
But Invincible 5 Teen got a point for bringing the most creative items.

And with this, the event was over and the best part was, all the people who are busy in coding and testing and designing all say were making creative riddles for the items we use on daily basis. Something out of the box was shown by the team and we really appreciate the effort of all of the members.

Coffee Day

We all need a leader for every organisation, who can lead us the way to grow. A generic meaning of a leader is a person who assigns you the work but there are few leaders you works with you at your level, who steps into your shoes to understand your situation. Evidently, a company achieves its success from its employees and to make the employee happy and make them feel valuable is something that is done by the leaders.

We, at Alea, have a tradition to have a Coffee Day once in a year where the Founder of the Company, makes cold coffee for all the employees all by his own. He prepares with all his efforts that clearly displays his love and care for the employees. The complete team brings the items required for the coffee and then the day comes when the team gets to have the best coffee once in the whole year.

This not a simple cold coffee, it contains a lot of ingredients as Vanilla Ice cream, Choco Chips, gems, Chocolate Wafers and Choco Sticks. This kind of coffee if you will think of having it outside will surely cost much and here it is full of flavours and the perfection one seek in the best cold coffee.

Even though it is being prepared in a large quantity there is no compromise in taste and quality. Everyone gets a glass full of cold coffee that itself is a wholesome and make you full. You will surely have your stomach full but the taste will never make you feel that you can ever have enough if that.

As there are a lot of sayings for coffee, and that is true that sometimes these nice gestures can mean a lot to others. Even if you are the Founder but if you do small things to you employees, this what makes you a leader. Someone who walks with the team not ahead of the team. This tradition is being followed by us since last 7-8 years which has became a part for which the whole team wait for a year and this day we are not boss and employees, we are a team who strive the success for the company along with their own growth as a person.

There are a lot of activities that creates bond between the employees but there are no activity that builds a bond between a boss and an employee, this is a step that only a leader can take.
This is a perfect example where you can say, “Leader always says We, Instead of Me”



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