Snack Day

Who don’t like to have Snack with the team they work? The answer is no one. If you work in an organisation the employees creates a bond and they definitely to plan to go out for lunch or something after office hours. But what if you get the same chance to have a team lunch along with your boss, where he will be the one who is cooking the food. Amazing, right.

We, at Alea, follows this tradition also, where the founder of the company prepares some snack for the team all by himself, standing in the kitchen and working on all the steps himself. The whole office works as a team equally. He prepares and we assist him incase he needs any help and we all eat together. It is just said that the whole day is spent at office but more into knowing each other and having fun. In addition to that, the snacks are too tasty that people never feel that they had enough but the stomach gets full so they had to stop.

With every bite you can taste all the flavours and the care from your leader towards his team. Even though it is done once in a year but that day we make enough memories that can be cherished for the next 365 days. This is something what we live for right, Love , Respect, Care and Memories, because everything can be forgotten but the its the memories that we had for the lifetime. In the corporate culture, no one is there with you for a very long time but if you have enough good memories you can always cherish them.

Any person working with the leaders not only gets the memories but also learns a lot in terms of life and career. These gestures leaves a great impact in the mind of the employees that feel valued and motivated and then in return they work hard and tries to give their best because they don’t work for you then work for us. And this is the best achievement if the you or me turns into we or us.

Here you also learn a team work where you all are working on something that you don’t do everyday and that point of of time no one is senior and junior you all are same. This is not so hard to guess that an organisation where the leader is working as equal for you then the team obviously tries its level best to give their results.

So I would sum up the complete reading as sometimes your small gesture can mean a lot to your team.

Eat & Fun

Again an event day and all set for the new event. But for this day we are not only set for the event but also for the team breakfast that will be cooked by all the team and everyone will have a breakfast together.
That was the amazing start for the day with the Authentic North Indian Breakfast-Aloo Paratha. Having a wholesome breakfast along with all the fun and talks, that was the best part of the whole event till now. Everyone actively participate in bringing the raw materials and helping in the preparation for the breakfast. As everyone had their breakfast which automatically tuned into lunch as it was quite heavy because it was filled with ghee, butter.

After sometime, we started our next event which was not that complicated. Very simple which everyone had once played in their lifetime. For this game there were four teams and each team was left with four members and the fourth teams consist one member from each team and the fourth one was spoiler.

The first game to be played was Ludo:
Two members from each team were playing the Ludo. Concurrently, two games of ludo were being played one was between Game Crackers and 4th Team, and the other was between Invincible 5 teen and Independent Aleans.

In the first game, Game Crackers won and on the other side Independent Aleans won. Now the final match will be played by Game Crackers and Independent Aleans. And final winner was Independent Aleans.

Now the turn for the next game which was, Collect the Same color Gems:

Two groups were made and four members participated in each group, one from each team. A bowl of mixed color gems were kept n the middle and everyone was given five glasses. They have to collect any five color, the can pick only one gem at a time and have to collect each in one glass and if you put another cooler will be the negative one. And after this game which was also being played concurrently tow sides two teams won. So the final match here will be played by Independent Aleans and Invincible 5 teen. Now the game started and each player started collecting the color but just 60 seconds before the end of the game a twister came up that says if you collected pink color that will be considered as negative. So after this Invincible 5 Teen won the game as one of their member didn’t collected pink color.

After we quickly moved to the third game as the excitement level was high:

This is a basic yet interesting games- Dumb Charades.
For this game there were only three teams, the members from 4th team were sent to their original teams. Now one member from each was given a movie and they have enact that, and will be guessed by the other teams. In the first round no one was able to guess the movie, so no point s were given to any team.
Now the next round goes the same and here Game Crackers guessed two names right and won this game.

So finally for this day we have three winners and the best thing is each team won one game.

Employee’s Birthday Celebration

All Employees are a part of ALEA Family. We celebrate the birthdays of all the ALEA family member with full zeal. We decorate the cubical of each member on their respective day with frills, toffees, chocolates & balloons. A small celebration followed by the cake cutting & gift is the tradition of ALEA for their Family Members. Here’s the glimpse of birthday celebrations we have.

Site Security Session

Security is very important aspect in IT and concern for the clients. Often, we hear from our clients what security measure we will be taking while the website development? Is our website secure? Will my website be secure from SQL injections? Likewise various other questions.

ALEA held the training session just to focus on the security measures specifically so that ALEA can provide a thrilling and an amazing experience to their clients in terms of security and they can be relaxed in sharing their information on website. Following topics are being focused.

Data Encryption
Secure Socket layer
Data Encryption
Site Lock Security
Web Application Firewall
SQL Injection
Protect against XSS attacks
File Uploading Measures etc

There were lot more topics covered under the training session giving a great insight to the team regarding security.

New Year Celebration 2019

New Year, as the name itself depicts new beginning, new day and new year which is one of the most enjoyable occasion where everyone is looking forward for the new beginning with positivity.

The office celebration was started with the New Year resolution where everyone participated and shared their resolutions which they wanted to achieve in this new year with new hopes. After this the team played various games which turned out quite interesting and everyone enjoyed a lot. With games the team enjoyed snacks as well. It was a completely an awesome day for everyone.



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