Development methodology is the basic framework which the development team including the Project Manager, Business Analyst, Coder, Tester use to plan, structure and control the overall process of developing an application or information system.

These project development methodologies are especially important, since it helps answer the following important questions –

  • Which tools do the developers want or need?
  • Which development approach should be taken and why?
  • The correct way to implement the development approach.
  • Refine the requirements in order to streamline the overall process.

Project managers and developers more often choose the methodology which helps them maximize the ROI of the project, and given the abundance of the same. As this gives them a leverage to the client as well as the development/ backend team managing the system.

We are fully able to satisfy your demands of higher flexibility by customizing any development methodologies:

Waterfall Model

Considered as one of the most traditional method of explaining the development process in software engineering, the waterfall model clarifies the process into a linear flow with a specified sequence. This lets users understand that further stages are reached on completion of the previous ones. This methodology means that going back to a previous stage is not possible.

The linear flow of the stages of the model makes it is easy to understand. It also saves a lot of time as you can do testing and analysis at every stage. It is only suitable for precise needs and should only apply to short term projects.

Prototype Methodology

This is a specialised development process that enables developers to make only a sample solution to demonstrate functionality to the customer and then make essential changes before creating the authentic final solution.

In fact, the best part of this methodology is that it tends to resolve a set of diverse issues that occur with the waterfall method. This methodology is only helpful when the functional process described by the client is not very precise and can lead to an increase in the management cost.

Agile Development Methodology

As an innovative approach, the agile software development methodology is used for articulating a well-organised project management procedure allowing for recurrent alterations.

Certainly, this type of methodology is one theoretical framework for undertaking several software engineering projects. Another good thing about it is that it minimises risk by creating web-based solutions in short time boxes, known as iterations, which can last from one week to one month.

This methodology largely improves the quality and transparency and allows clients to submit ‘Change Requests’.

Rapid Application Development

Aimed at providing quick results, rapid application development is designed to provide excellent development processes with the support of other development approaches.

It is designed to augment the whole software development process by highlighting the involvement of an operative. It makes the entire development process effortless, but ideally is not to be used for low-budgeted projects.

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