Soccer is one of the most popular and followed sport worldwide. Passionate about this infamous sport our client from Malaysia intended to create a web app wherein Soccer lovers can place an amount on the game and earn profits along with enjoying the sport.

Client wanted us to build from scratch, the system that is dynamic and robust and we as team Alea were zealous to being with this ambitious project.


Our Approach

We analyzed the methodologies that could make this web app easy to use, safe on monetary front, appealing in design, reflecting the spirit of sportsmanship and especially that of soccer. We suggested functionalities into web app that could serve needs for even a novice of soccer who would want to earn some profit while relishing the game.


The Challanges

Several complex features imposed a tussle to be dealt with for our team. These were primarily:

  • Instant Win / Loss transactions.
  • Fraud Detection.
  • Advanced Risk Management.
  • Customizable Front end.
  • Seamless Integration of Front end with database.

The Solution

We have a team of experts with diverse skills and adaptability to learn new things quickly. This expertise led to development of web app with all these challenging desired features:

  • Asian Handicap API Integration for secure amounts being placed on the game.
  • Multiple Panels-Vendor, User and Admin.
  • Instant fund transfer.
  • Instant Notifications System.
  • Live Support.
  • Admin can add/modify games on eWallet.
  • Complete system was made dynamic.


ALEA AIM as our patent project management software, client was notified about live updates of the project. This facilitated a good communication throughout and after completion of project.

Technologies Used


The Result

Client was very excited to see final web app being built as an appealing gaming challenge system that could help sport lovers earn from their interest. He said he was keen on doing more projects with us in near future.