FnB2020 – The Future of IoT in F&B

In the Food and Beverage industry, large gains stand to be made with IoT (Bluetooth Low Energy devices) with the ability to add menu items smartly and track ingredients and real-time feedback in a faster and more effective manner to comply with such key mandates as customer insights, detailed reporting and advanced analytics to help the industry improve to server the customer better.

FnB2020 offers diners an opportunity to order from their tables and can also allow customers to pay their bills from their phones, tailoring the check-in and ordering experience. Our solution can help you understand, build and manage your corporate reputation with our knowledge and insights in a way that leverages your strengths, mitigates risk and creates a competitive advantage.


Performance Indicators
A successful hotel and its restaurants would always use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to find out if effort, time and money are being devoted correctly towards its goals. With KPIs, you can quickly identify any problems in the way you’re running your hotel restaurant and act accordingly, or spend time on nurturing the areas in which you’re doing well. We have a detailed list of KPIs which can be used to do get in-depth knowledge of the actual issues at group and department level and then measures can be taken by management to rectify any areas of concern.

Customer Insights
The food and beverage industry has always operated at the mercy of the changing tastes and preferences of the consumer. The key is to collect customer data and market indicators, analyse them and deploy the insights before trends change. FnB2020 helps in gathering this information demographically so that decision making is easy for each region of operation.

Smart Menu
An interactive digital menu for restaurants which provides a fully-fledged admin section to publish your menu items. If you have many locations, they can be linked which would help your customers use the same loyalty system in different places. The menu can be made smart, as you can add individual restaurant timings and menu items so that orders are only taken of items that are available. Also, any item can be archived when temporarily unavailable and be de-archived once available again.

Reputation Management
Hoteliers today are engaged with reputation management. Responding to and monitoring online reviews conveys positivity to their customers, actively soliciting reviews encourages customers’ feedback and drives higher popularity rankings – and hence an increase in hotel bookings. With FnB2020 real-time feedbacks allow actions to be taken immediately which in turn leads to customer satisfaction. Customer experience, more than price and location, is now the major criteria that travellers use to select hotels.

Advanced Analytics
The spectrum of analytics includes reporting and descriptive analytics, which provides to the restaurants information on what has happened. For example, how many dinner entrees were sold last week, last month, and last quarter? The next level would be to dive deeper into root causes. For example, why are dinner entrees selling more on Wednesdays and not Tuesdays?

Restaurants drive performance by applying insights from advanced analytics in the following ways:

  • Menu optimisation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Staff optimisation
  • Operations improvement

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