Push2Win is a Gaming Web App designed and developed by team ALEA for players of all ages across the globe. The thrill of challenging opposite contender in a game and simultaneously earn on winning that challenge, is real USP of this gaming web app.

Our client from US had been looking for a team which could understand their idea and give it a shape of reality. Fortunately we both coincided.

Henceforth, started our journey for Push2Win.


ALEA team discussed with the client about their expectations, requirements and concerns about this web app. All the requirements outlined by client were thus documented into a final proposal. All the functionalities were prioritized as High & Low priority.

Prior most was UI/UX. Being the web app it was fundamental to give user a great user experience so that they feel connected to the system and can easily navigate. Moreover, being a gaming app an intuitive & appealing interface was essential.

Having done all the research, the complete wire framing and layout process was done so that nothing is missed out. After client’s approval, we started the functional coding part and phase by phase completed the each milestone which gave client a very good confidence and trust on ALEA team.


Developing a gaming web app demanded the addressal of following challenges:

1. Scalable & Robust System Architecture was needed to expose all the features of app.

2. Complex Team Selection process outlayed to user as intuitive and easy to use.

3. Management of the challenge of game between both teams

4. Instant group chat


Our team researched for the solution to address the app’s operational needs, and implemented the following:

1. PayPal integration for instant fund transfer while enrolling for the challenge.

2. Instant Notification system amongst players challenging each other.

3. 1:1 Challenge and Team Challenge facility for user.

4. Management of game Id’s by User.

5. Complete management of games dynamically by Admin.

Alea IT has innovative & passionately expert developers who truly understand the potential business consequences of incompetence. Rather than scrambling for a solution when in a mess, we opted for a proactive approach that allowed us to deliver an amazing gaming experience to all tech savy’s out there.


Our client was thrilled to see the final product as Push2Win evolved out to be exactly as the client had wished for. Client could offer it’s users an amazing gaming experience through this web app, and we’re glad we could make it happen. This marvelous experience of client shall be continued as we have already started the phase-2 of Push2Win development.






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