Matterport API offers complete, realistic and interactive 3D and VR experiences for properties like homes, offices, shops, restaurants or malls. We have integrated this API in a Website which creates the 3D virtualization of the buildings.

All the registered users have their unique URL models for their own builds and they can use the URL for the created 3d virtualization.


Our Approach

Matterport was all new for us but the team worked really hard and researched about the matterport and found the ways to make it successful. As the project assigned to us we have gathered all the information and the issues that client was facing and analysis and technical expertise put in all their efforts to find the feasible ways to get this done and meet the client expectations.

We have completed the project on time and within the budget and meet the clients expectations. It was great learning for our team and we would love to work on more projects like this.


The Challanges

1. Multiple users having the access to their own models
2. Importing and exporting thousands of data models on Matterport API causing timeout request issues
3. Detailed activity log
4. Handling X, Y, Z coordinates of location
5. Deleting the tags all at once

The Solution

Handled timeout by sending the bulk data in batches and managing the speed of getting the data.

Handling the delete and import of the data separately in bulk to reduce the time to process the request.

Getting all the error and success logs from the console to know which files are successfully imported/exported and the files having bugs/errors.

Mapping of the sdk and api keys with the users.

Matterport API

Handling try catch for the details logs for better readability



1. 3D virtual tour
2. Floor planning
3. Dollhouse view
4. Measurement mode to calculate the area
5. Share the 3d virtualization over any social media platform
6. Manage Users
7. Import/Export Csv
8. Activity Log

Technologies Used



“The hard work always pays off” and the research done by our development team to integrate matterport proved it right. The client was really happy with the work done by our team. It successfully catered to the hundreds of customers in the initial months of launch and expecting it to increase by 60% in the upcoming months.