Myioseum is a beacon-based solution which helps museums understand their audience and providing an easy, pleasant, yet enriching experience to them.


Visitor Statistics

Museums will be able to track visitor count. They can even identify new vs repeat customers, how much time visitors are spending in the museum and what their age group is which helps museums to identify and increase visitor engagement.

Demographic Details

Museums will get to know about visitors based on their demographic detail. They can analyse which country they are getting most of their visitors from and can focus their marketing efforts based on those demographics.

Review Reporting

When visitors leave the museum, the app will prompt the visitor to leave feedback to understand how visitors are engaging with the museum to improve guest satisfaction ratings and fuel the future of the museum.

Events Management

Museums can engage the visitors by displaying events and exhibition details, which helps visitors in getting the most out of the museum.

Social Reputation

Social media positively contributes to museums by enhancing reputations. Through the system museums can view the visitor reviews & engagement over social media and be connected with their audience.

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