Project Management Tool

Our Project Management Tool consists of all the features which are needed to manage all your large, small or complex projects.

Project Management

Create multiple projects

Set start and end dates to your projects to ensure you stay on top of your work

View the complete project overview

Add your clients to their projects

Archive any old or unfinished projects that aren’t currently being worked on

Mark projects as complete or add comments if being delayed

Reopen any project

Assign multiple managers & QAs to a project


Task Management


Easily assign tasks to your team

Define start and end dates to a task to set a timescale

Assign priorities to tasks

Make clients ‘followers’ of tasks for quick updates

Assign work to more than one person and ensure that individual teams complete the tasks

Expand on task requirements with task descriptions

Attach any relevant documents and images to your tasks

Manage and plan your workload by adding estimates and progress on your tasks

Bug Tracking

Easy and efficient interface

Assign ‘Due Date’ to a bug

Assign a priority to your bug by defining, minor, major, critical, blocker

Assign followers to each individual bug for fast status update

Easy export of all bugs based on date, priority, status

Add comments on any bug

Add a complete description with attachments & steps to reproduce


File Management


Complete repository of all the files in one place

View your files based on tasks, bugs & updates

Upload & download multiple files.

Add file descriptions

Manage the accessibility of files within teams, managers & clients

Share documents with multiple members in a team


Keep your team up to date by giving them instant updates

Add updates related to the project or task and share theme with your team

Add news announcements or scheduled demos to keep your team informed

Live notifications for everything

Management accessibility within a team, client regarding announcements

View the complete details in the future to track updates

Clients can add updates directly to share with the team making the process even faster


Multiple Panels

Dedicated panels for all team members

Dedicated panel for QA to manage bugs, statuses & files

Dedicated panel for the clients where they can add tasks/bugs, updates related to their project

Dedicated panel for your associates to get relevant updates on the project

Instant Notification

Get an instant notification when any project is assigned to any team member

Get instant status updates for all tasks & bugs

Notify immediately when any comment is added to tasks or bugs

Get an instant update on any announcements

Activity Logs

Complete activity log to track updates

View team members’ complete activity – who updated what & at what time

Daily log making it more comprehensive


View the performance of the team using reports

Track the number of tasks worked on by the team

Track the number of tasks re-opened & pending

Track the number of bugs assigned, completed, re-opened

Track how many tasks managers have assigned to each team member

Complete report by the day end & detail report by week end

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