The client required an app similar to Uber for the taxi booking as finding a taxi is quite an effort for people. They have the idea but didn’t have the technology or the platform where they can connect riders & drivers and provide them seamless experience. They wished to synchronize and systematically align all licensed taxi drivers under this service.

Client approached ALEA and shared the details of the requirement with concerns about the ease of use, flexibility and great UI/UX. Client needed completely dynamic, optimized and customised application which can be moulded as and when needed.


Our Approach

To make every project successful it needs good understanding & communication so that every bit of details are cleared and there is no confusion in the approach and the work process.ALEA team had conducted a research where they have checked various details which includes tracking of the exact location of taxi so that riders can get real idea of the drivers location and can track them. The team checked the references, technology which will be most suitable for the development of these kind of applications and have communicated with client providing their own feedback & suggestions for the improvements to proceed further.


The Challanges

As the application consists of various functionality, there are following challenges:

  • Checking the exact location of the drivers.
  • Identify the estimated fair price based on the source and destination.
  • Advice for the best route to follow.
  • Multilingual feature.
  • Managing the complete taxi network.

The Solution

All the issues were clearly addressed thus enabling us to provide relevant solutions for them. The client provided a clear specification, which we really appreciated, allowing us to provide our own input based on the functionality at each stage making the process smooth and easy to understand.

As we had done few of the research in terms of the functionality at the initial phase so while developing the app in iOS & Android, we have various logics already available within the team which make the coding process smooth and seamless.

Our intention was not only to give client the functionalities they want but also providing them our feedback & suggestion, improving every bit of details so that user like the app and are being encouraged to download & use the app.

  • easy to update even for users with basic computer technology skills.
  • simple search engine optimization tools that help them improve their online search results quickly and easily.
  • Great and simple checkout process with complete details and have the option to enable/disable the payment gateway from admin.

Technologies Used


The Result

Client was so happy with the Ecommerce website provided by Alea that they are still using the same till now without any issue and the website is running perfectly.

We have offered client free after sales support of 30 days but as the website is easy to manage client was able to manage all the things easily without even any support by us. Further, the maintenance contract was signed, and we are looking after the website so that it never goes down and keep on generating good revenue for our client and serving customers for their needs.