The client based in UK approached us with an idea to develop an e-commerce website that would provide a common platform to wholesalers as well as vendors where they can easily grow and extend their businesses and scale up it to a new height.

As these days expanding the businesses online is a much-needed thing, every businessmen looks forward for an online platform where they can run their business without any trouble and generate some revenue out of it.


Our Approach

ALEA team performed a lot of research before the web and mobile app development process. At the end of the discovery phase everything was thoroughly scrutinized. After the complete study of the client requirements, it was time for project execution. We explored the technologies which can fulfill all the requirements. We find the “Laravel” as its perfect solution for the web app.

Our client needs some following special features:

  • Drop shipping feature.
  • Different account for wholesaler and vendor.
  • Creating a direct communication between vendor and wholesaler instead of managing the transaction for purchase and sell using an administration.
  • Management of all the categories and products must be a quick job.
  • Website must be easy to use for admin as well as for users.
  • Easy process for listing the product.
  • Dynamic multi-lingual feature.
  • Simple and secure payment process.
  • Proper product listing.

For successful completion of the project we selected a team of highly potential developers and designers.


The Challanges

  • Website must not get slow down when load increases (more traffic on page).
  • Safe coding against the security concerns.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Language feature were not defined earlier. It was added in between the development process so it create a bit complexity.
  • Subscription feature for vendors was a bit different in initial stage but was changed later.

The Solution

  • As a part of the solution, the team planned appropriate strategy and followed the agile methodology making the code scalable so that further changes in requirements do not add complexity in the project.To improve the performance following things are adopted.
  • Our team optimized the database to handle the large data.
  • Security measure were taken care of and implemented by encrypting the data.
  • Flexible membership-based subscription process.

The system supported higher conversion rate because of ease of use and features like drop shipping, multiple shipping option, tracking order, easy navigation, integrating advanced payment gateways, simple check out process, super easy management of categories and products make system user friendly. As we always provide something unique and out of the box functionality, Vincofy is no less than it.


  • Saas based web application for the wholesaler and vendor.
  • Integration of the paypal and stripe payment gateway APIs for subscription of the wholesalers.
  • Management of the unlimited products and categories.
  • Export and import of products in csv, excel and json format.
  • Integration of the dropshipping.
  • Integration of database of suppliers and products directly to client’s existing online store.
  • Management of the selling and cost price for the wholesalers.
  • Instant notifications upon receiving new orders.
  • Complete Order and Invoice management.
  • Academy section to learn how to create your own e-commerce store and manage that on the daily basis.

Technologies Used


The Result

Client was so happy with the website its been provided as the website was easily manageable for admin as well as end users. The client got overwhelmed and appreciate team ALEA for its outstanding work.We are still working with the client in expanding the SaaS based application and giving our best to reach the applications to new heights.

As team ALEA has always been committed to the client, our dedication and consistency towards the work made the client believe in us.