ALEAnsHackathon 2023

First Hackathon Event

This is the mega event that promises not to be just exciting but extraordinary and spectacular. We’re thrilled for this exciting and one of a kind #AleansHackathon journey into the world of AI.

This year ALEA has decided to launch an AI Hackathon for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and for the great minds. ALEA has always been supporting the new ideas and creativity by the team and this time the AI hackathon proved to be the catalyst for these great, innovative and creative minds.

AleaIT Solutions Team

Let us walkthrough the process how ALEA has planned this unique AI Hackathon

  1. Participants will be divided into three teams, each brimming with talent and creativity. Each team will have 6 members.
  2. The hackathon will span one intensive week during which teams will start with a concept, share the innovative idea, and present the ideas in front of the mentors.
  3. Once the ideas are approved, the concept will be transformed into a final working product, which needs to be presented with the working demo. This shall be non-stop 140 hours of coding.
  4. The Jury will look into the product, further questioning rounds will happen considering the working product.
  5. The winner team will not only earn bragging rights but also a fantastic array of awards, medals, rewards worth of whooping Rs.23,000

ALEAnsHackathon Topic - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we know AI is transforming the world, In the era of artificial intelligence we see that nowadays robots are participating as news anchors, they are attending the events, doing coding, helping in research, and whatnot. ALEA has taken the initiative, and it’s a chance to harness the power of AI, explore its endless possibilities and push the boundaries of innovation.

Have a look at our Roadmap

1. Concept Introduction

Clearly introduce product or solution concepts.

2. Technology Stack

Share the technologies you plan to use in your project.

3. Roles and Responsibility

Describe the roles each team member will undertake throughout the hackathon, who will be leading the concept, planning.

4. Beneficial Statement

Explain why a solution or product is beneficial. Highlight its potential impact and advantages.

5. Objectives

Define what you aim to achieve by developing this solution or product during ALEAnsHackathon2023.

6. Summary

Provide a concise summary of the concept emphasizing its key features and uniqueness.

7. Presentation Format

Each Team will have 15 minutes to present their concept.
The presentation will be done in front of all participants, creating a collaborative atmosphere.

Let’s look into the sneak peak of the official team announcement for
ALEAnsHackathon 2023 (AI)


Code Leader

Team Coordinator

Key stakeholders

Brief – A versatile team having a strong foundation in both machine learning and data engineering. They are passionate about harnessing the power of AI and solving real world problems. Experienced in tackling various challenges and delivering the AI based solutions, they are excited to bring their ideas and showcase their skill by delivering an innovative AI based solution


Code Leader

Team Coordinator

Key stakeholders

Brief – Dynamic and multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and experience. They share a passion for artificial intelligence and would like to push the boundaries of how the world is tackling the problems. Their collaborative spirit and deep technical expertise make them a formidable contender in any AI-focused competition. They are excited to bring their meaningful ideas to the real world which have a positive impact on society.


Code Leader

Team Coordinator

Key stakeholders

Brief – The team’s collaborative spirit, combined with their individual tech expertise, allows them to approach problem-solving from multiple angles. They thrive on creativity, innovation, cutting-edge technology, and the opportunity to create AI-driven solutions that can revolutionize industries and improve lives. They are ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI algorithms and revolutionize the world.

It’s with great excitement that we have our official teams for ALEAnsHackathon 2023 (AI) and each one is unique in their own way.

These dynamic teams, led by their talented code leaders and team coordinators, are poised to push the boundaries of AI innovation.
These teams work tirelessly to bring groundbreaking AI solutions to life.
The future of technology looks brighter than ever with these dedicated individuals at the helm.

Give your idea

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