Smart IT Solution for Logistics and Transport Industry

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Smart IT Solution for Logistics and Transport Industry

As a leading Logistics and transport software development company in the industry, we offer cutting-edge Transport & Logistics IT Solutions that include top features such as cloud computing, GPS location tracking, and route analysis for every business scale. It is imperative for the L&T industry to have agile and cloud-based systems that can provide real-time accuracy and 360-degree process management capabilities. We at AleaIT strive to revolutionize how transportation companies plan, track and distribute their inventory, from warehouse planning to shipment tracking and distribution. We develop Transportation and Logistics IT software that combines data analytics and strategic sourcing to strengthen inventory optimization, sales operations planning, and strategic sourcing.

Having a team of 100+ Logistics software developers, we build ingenious, innovative, reliable, and scalable logistics and transportation software solutions for our clients across the globe. By integrating new technology capabilities into your operations, we can better meet your digitalization needs across storage, goods movement, order preparation, and more.


World-Class Logistics and Transportation Software Development Solutions

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    Custom Supply Chain Analytics Services

    Supply Chain Analytics
    Forecasting and planning
    Order and return tracking
    Billing management
    Inventory and warehouse management

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    Dispatch & Delivery Management Systems

    Route optimization
    Billing Support
    KYC for delivery vendors
    Pick-up and delivery scheduling
    Real-time updates for stock, delivery, and production

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    Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

    MIS integration
    Primary and customized KPIs
    Role-based access control
    Accuracy analysis of demand forecast
    Warehouse, transportation, and distribution analysis

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    Warehouse Management Software

    Slotting Optimization
    Multi-warehouse management
    Inventory tracking and scanning
    Designing product inventory catalog
    ERP Integration and Mobile Deployment

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    Custom Designed Vehicle Management Solution

    Fuel tracking for vehicles 
    Driver Management
    Simple and convenient dashboards
    Vehicle and asset monitoring
    Vehicle inventory management

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    Robust Inventory Management Software

    Automatic Replenishment
    Custom Reporting
    Warehouse inventory Management 
    Inventory tracking and data aggregation
    Inventory management software integration

Benefits to Logistics and Transport

What makes Alea the right choice?

  • Optimize workflows

    Our experts help businesses automate repetitive procedures and improve operational efficiency by providing real-time updates and reducing redundancies.

  • Cost Management

    Through our logistics software development expertise, we assist in analyzing your overall budget so that you can forecast and distribute components while creating a cost-efficient model.

  • Analytics-driven

    Our advanced analytics for the logistics business help you monitor the supply chain and cut costs through dashboarding and forecasting systems.

  • Consultative approach

    Together with our clients, we help you to analyze your requirements so that you can transform your innovative ideas into efficient work platforms that allow you to compete on an international scale.

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Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Dependency on traditional tools

    Logistics and transport Businesses are hardware driven and depend on conventional tools to process their solutions which becomes a barrier in switching to new plans and processes.

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    Logistics and transportation businesses today operate in a dynamic global marketplace. Therefore, they must devise aggressive measures and arrange for sophisticated supplies to succeed.

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    Isolated Groups

    Remote assemblies and isolated systems in the global transportation ecosystem are challenging to recognize and comprehend. This complicates the process as the data fails to respond and drops the quality and productivity levels.  


Maintaining your supplies with great care.

With our Robust IT Solutions For Logistics & Transport, we have assisted businesses to form compliance with customer demands and fast-shifting industry trends. We strive to guide and serve with the finest and brightest regardless of your choices pertaining to the solutions – bringing the best value, trait, and quality altogether. When it’s AleaIT, we want nothing less than an ideal solution to fit your idea of logistics and transportation – on and off-road.

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