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Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of physical things or objects transformed into new data resources and smartly utilized for improving processes and the environment. As the best IoT development company in the sector, we intend to deliver value-centered IoT solutions and develop multi-level data pipelines.

IoT Software Development services include architecture designing, requirement engineering, platform, and user app creation, testing, support, and maintenance. At Alea, we offer IoT development services to provide resilient solutions that modify business processes and ensure worker safety.

Types of IoT Development Solutions

  • Industry-Specific

    -Museum / Art Galleries

  • Cross-Industry 

    -Supply Chain Management
    -Asset Tracking in Real-time 
    -Connected Vehicles
    -Connected Vehicles
    -Smart Homes
    -Smart Cities

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The scope of IoT Development Services

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    Creating And Managing IoT Device Network

    Selecting suitable IoT devices, thereby configuring and connecting them to the network. Al Alea, we focus on this aspect through monitoring and diagnostics.

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    Edge Computing Set up

    Developing an edge infrastructure consisting of various edge servers across a network. Classifying IoT devices through an edge device and setting advanced analytics and reporting tools.

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    Data Center Implementation

    Developing data science and machine learning algorithms to identify data trends and patterns that help you solve issues-particularly in IoT base equipment status, operation, etc

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    Development of IoT Data visualization application

    Developing various mobile and web apps to serve IoT-based data insights covering apps such as AR/VR. Customized IoT data visualization with the latest data sources and configured additional reports.

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    Quality Assurance and Testing

    Verifying requirements for IoT solutions and their architecture. Ensuring well-structured and documented code reviewed regularly and unit testing.

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    IoT application Management and Support

    Examining and fixing IoT application availability, data quality and usability issues. Evaluate network, database, server and application vulnerability and mend them.

Why Choose Us?

Why AleaIT as your IoT Development Company?

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    Less time to

    Depending on the requirements of the project, our IoT Application developers can start the project within a week. Continuous updates are released every 2-4 weeks.

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    Supportive IoT device management

     We help with IoT hardware selection, configuration, connectivity and monitoring. Assisting in IoT software updates to guarantee Custom IoT application development.

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    High transparency in IoT Projects

    Our company has a personalized KPI system for each customer, including a budget, implemented features, service availability and user satisfaction.

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    Powerful security of IoT data

    Our security management capabilities are backed by ISO 27001 certification. We ensure that the data has passed penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. 


How Artificial Intelligence Service benefits your Business

  • Flexible Accessibility

    Mobile Applications can be integrated with IoT, making it possible for users to access any interconnected physical object anywhere in the world.

  • Valuable Insights

    The Internet of Things allows you to make real-time decisions and tweak business processes based on consumer behavior and buying patterns.

  • Niche Market Entry

    Building an IoT mobile app gives businesses a competitive edge and addresses a niche market that uses IoT-based mobile applications.

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Technologies We use at AleaIT

  • 1. Cloud Databases, warehouses and storage
    2. IoT data analytics machine learning
    3. AWS IoT services
    4. IoT platforms
  • 5. Connectivity
    6. Supported Communication Protocols
    7. Programming Languages
    8. Data Visualization
What do clients say

Our Clients are our first Priority

Great Job and happy with the final output of my project. Communication was flawless and they were always available. Very friendly, helpful and hardworking team. Easy to communicate with. Happy to do any changes and adjustments needed even if not agreed beforehand. Overall Great Work..!
- Kishor Kamani
Pricing and Plan

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AleaIT Solutions


How can you guarantee the security of the IoT systems while exchanging data?

Data transfer between the IoT gateway and the server is secured using hybrid data encryption standards such as 256 bits AES and 2028 bits RSA.

What if the IoT gateway loses connection to the cloud?

Our experts at Alea estimate the failure circumstances and provide flexible failsafe strategies. Hence, when the gateway connection is lost, data may temporarily be stored in the memory of that device or on a disk drive. The temporary data then will be pushed to the server back as soon as the connection gets restored.

What is the hardware needed to develop an IoT project?

The requirements vary with each project. You can contact our IoT experts to know the exact requisites for an IoT project.

Is it possible to connect existing analytics applications to the data gathered from IoT gateways?

Yes, we can connect new as well as your existing analytics system with the data collected from the IoT gateway.

What role does Artificial intelligence play in IoT?

AI can be helpful in translating data from IoT information acquired from the physical world analyzed with data science and AI.

In how much time can you develop an IoT Solution?

 It usually takes 4 to 6 months to develop an IoT project based on your requirements. In the meantime, PoC can be delivered in 2 months. If you need further information, please connect with our sales team. 

What if I am unsatisfied with your service?

 If you are unsatisfied with our service, our company will provide you with a refund within ten business days, as we do believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our clients. This day hasn’t come yet, and we continue to assure quality services.