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    As each business is unique, so are its aims and needs. Moreover, every business has different objectives when it comes to marketing, establishing an online presence, and reaching out to its target audience.  Thus, there is hardly any website development company that could cater to the needs of all businesses. Therefore, it is very important to design a website that is completely customized and aligns with the business needs as well as the product offerings of the company. That is what makes AleaIT unique and chosen as a leading website development company. With our expertise, we design and develop websites tailored to the client’s needs as well as applications that use agile methodology and maintenance services. With our developers’ unique approach to creating custom website development, we allow our customers to enjoy a robust platform for project management. Furthermore, this provides businesses with a means to deploy and test small modules so that they can build and implement a system that is quickly up-gradeable. Our websites revolve around scalability and adaptability.

    Being a top Website Development Company, AleaIT lays its emphasis on the basics. As part of our systematic approach, we begin by understanding the needs of the end user. Therefore, we develop and design websites that are easier to navigate instead of having users navigate through a multitude of links and pages. Following the same, we offer professional web development services designed to simplify the process and deliver the best results.

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    Our process flow for website development

    • research-48

      Research & Development

      On the basis of your specific needs, we formulate an ideal UX/UI along with developing a strategy that would effectively assist you in achieving your goals.

    • idea-sharing-48

      R&D and Strategy Formulation

      On the basis of your specific needs, we formulate an ideal UX/UI along with developing a strategy that would effectively assist you in achieving your goals.

    • web-development-48-1

      Website Development

      We make it easy for you by creating bespoke websites and providing back-end management access (CMS) so that you can enhance the user experience of the X-factor.

    • good-quality-48

      Quality Check

      After your website has been developed, we test it across different platforms and browsers to leave no stones unturned with the best possible website.

    • launching-48

      Launching your Website

      We assist you in launching a website so that it becomes available to the end-user after adding all necessary analytics and monitoring tools, making the website bug-free.

    • support-48

      Support and Maintenance

      We will assist you whenever you need to connect with us for maintenance or assistance through an email or phone call.

    Our professional Website Development Services

    AleaIT is one of the top website development companies in India. Our team of experts is highly qualified specialists in HTML3, Javascript,  CSS3, PHP, Joomla, WordPress, ASP.Net, and Drupal technologies. We assure you get a top-quality website in the shortest timeframe. To establish your business online, this team of experts can deliver custom web solutions.

    Custom Website Development Services

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    Hire a team of our professional web developers

    Looking for a Top Ranking Web Development Company that has highly experienced and professional developers with advanced front-end and back-end technology infrastructure? AleaIT Solutions has got you covered. We can Cater to your needs with dedicated programmers to work on your virtual product round the clock or require a few hours of custom development support.


    Best Website Development features

    • Responsive Websites

      Our website designs are responsive, which enables them to look great across a variety of devices and deliver the best experience to your users.

    • SEO Friendly

      Our experts can optimize your website in order to make it as SEO-friendly as possible, so that it appears at the top of Google searches.

    • Blog Integration

      As a part of our service, we integrate all of your blog posts to ensure that your users and clients are always up to date with the latest developments.

    • Customization / Theme Integration

      Our team strives to create a website that is personalized and reflects the aesthetic value of your brand in the best way possible.

    • Inquiry Form Integration

      Our system allows your visitors to make general inquiry about your products or services without any effort required on their part.

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    What do clients say about our web application Services?

    Our Clients say

    Ash and his team have been great to work with. They were on time and delivered a good product that not only works well but looks great. They were always responsive and easy to reach by email and Skype. I would highly recommend them!!
    - Sheila Siegel
    Pricing and Plan

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    Is it possible for me to see my website while it is being built?

    Yes, We develop your website on the development server and share its credentials with you so that you can monitor your website’s progress. We believe in a flexible and transparent development strategy, so we welcome your feedback to achieve your goals. You can also monitor the performance from the back-end even if it is life once we have completed the website development.

    Do you provide web designing and hosting services?

    Yes, of course! As one of the leading website development companies, we offer a complete range of services, from registering a domain name and designing to developing your website and maintaining it in the long run.

    As you offer flexible pricing, do you outsource your projects?

    No, We firmly follow the rule of in-house team development. Every bit of what we do starts from R&D to testing and marketing is done by our very own team of experts.

    How does your company differ from others?

    For 18 years, we have been involved in the IT industry. In addition to creating quality custom websites, we provide lifetime support and maintenance for our clients. We are committed not only to providing custom web development solutions but also to building long-term relationships. Our goal is to help your business succeed through its powerful online presence. Our commitment to achieving your business objectives sets us apart from our competitors.

    Do you help in marketing after the launch of a custom website?

    Yes, indeed! We can assist you with many more services besides creating responsive custom websites. Our primary objective is to help you succeed online. You can count on us for the long haul. We are committed to your success and provide various online marketing services, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click.

    What if the customer is not satisfied with the service?

     If you are unsatisfied with our service, our company will provide you with a refund within ten business days, as we do believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our clients. This day hasn’t come yet, and we continue to ensure quality services.

    Do you provide warranty or maintenance on the websites you develop?

    Of course, if your post-development technical support expires, later on, you will have a choice of our monthly or annually website maintenance contract to keep your website upgraded.