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As a Blockchain Development Company, AleaIT believes that distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) will help businesses and non-profits achieve new levels of transparency, automation, and efficiency. With the help of our teams of technical experts, we aim to take our technical expertise and deliver real business value to our clients through the implementation of DLT and Blockchain technologies across their organizations to help extract real business value. Being the top-notch blockchain development and consulting company, our team of engineers has access to a huge pool of cryptography, blockchain engineering, and cyber-security talent.

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Stellar Blockchain Services AleaIT Delivers

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    Blochchain-based market platforms

    Peer-to-peer platforms such as lending platforms, blockchain-based marketplaces, etc. for fraud-free transactions between the involved parties.

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    Crypto Wallets

    Cryptocurrency wallets in the digital form which can be used for storing and manipulating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Etherium.

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    Decentralized Apps

    These are network-based apps, peer-to-peer, that are encrypted and have no single point of failure and do not experience any downtime.

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    Smart Contracts

    These are protocols that are designed to ensure the integrity of multi-party agreements and enable automatic enforcement of fixed rights and obligations.

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    Decentralised Automomous Organization

    Blockchain-based platforms to promote collaboration and drive high productivity. Community transparency and trust without central authority.

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    Asset Tokenization Platforms

    These platforms are decentralized and provide users with a place where they can build, manage, and trade their tokens including NFT platforms.

Why Choose Us?

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    Proven Track Record

    Our team has successfully developed impactful software solutions for many late-stage startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. You will be in the good company along with many renowned firms. 

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    Business Mindset

    We are entrepreneurs ourselves with multiple spin-off products. With accumulated business expertise, proactiveness, and hard work, our group of Blockchain Development project teams deliver results.

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    Trending R&D

    While AleaIT’s Blockcain development Services, our R&D team comes onboard and assures that you will be on latest trends, platforms and hand over with latest tools. We’will always keep you one stage ahead in the race.

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    Global Presence

    We provide our Blockchain Development Service across the globe and covering the business and technological hubs. Irrespective about where you live, we’are always to open to discuss your project.


Benefits of Blockchain Development Services

  • True Traceablility

    Blockchains allow direct communication between customers and suppliers about provenance. Traceability data can reveal weaknesses within any supply chain – such as when goods are waiting for transit on a loading dock. 

  • Enhanced Security

    Blockchain can transform the way you view your critical information. Blockchain prevents fraud and unauthorized activity by creating an end-to-end encrypted record that can’t be altered. 

  • Improvised Speed and efficiency

    Blockchain development services streamline traditional processes to make transactions easier and faster. By recording transactions and documenting them, blockchain eliminates paper documents.

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AleaIT Solutions


What is the average implementation time for blockchain-based applications?

Within a period of 1-3 months, we can provide a prototype of a blockchain app that will evolve into full-fledged software with updates every 2-4 weeks. As an example, we developed a blockchain-based supply chain software MVP in 3 months.

Is there any specific blockchain software development process followed by your company?

Using well-established Agile, lean and devOps culture, we ensure a quick project start (1-2 weeks) and ensure a quality implementation of blockchain projects on time and within the budget through the use of well-established Agile, lean and devOps practices.

Is it possible to guarantee the ROI of blockchain implementation due to its cost-intensive nature?

Typically, companies see the benefits of custom blockchain development within 12-18 months of beginning the development process.

How can we assess the viability of blockchain for our business if we aren't sure it's the right technology?

In order to make an informed decision about whether blockchain technology is appropriate for a particular company, we analyze the business scenarios and the company-specific requirements.