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AleaIT is a banking & financial software solution company that facilitates businesses to develop their Banking and finance applications. We strive to deliver excellence and offer best-in-class solutions to our clients. Our team of fintech software developers builds custom-built applications that address the specific needs of your business and help clients grow exponentially. Our banking and finance solutions are valuable to banking institutions, financial organizations, and insurance companies with online payment systems, mobile banking, and transaction processing while helping them stay ahead of an ever-changing marketplace. 

We are proficient in helping government, public, & privately-owned financial institutions and banks with the appropriate strategies for increased profit and revenue generation, increased operational efficiency, maintaining constant cost leadership, reduced costs, and transforming the internal and customer-oriented processes to match the market trends. With a team of tech veterans on board, we can simplify an incredibly complex process into a fully integrated, real-time development solution.


Banking & Finance Software Development Services

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    Financial transaction management solution

    Profit trackers and Tax Management
    Automation of general accounting procedures
    Risk, Ledger & Asset Management
    Advanced Reporting & Analysis
    Real-time Cash flow management and tracking

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    Financial Risk Management Solution

    Portfolio management & Modelling 
    Compliance Management
    Audit trail and liquidity analysis
    Credit & market-risk analysis 
    Benchmark risk and portfolio analytics

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    Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AML)

    Workflow Automation
    Watch List Management 
    Data & Compliance Management 
    End-to-end transaction monitoring 
    Streamlined regulatory reporting

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    Mobile Money Transfer Solution

    Regulatory compliance
    Live rates and currency trends
    Instant modifications 
    Secured money transmission
    Wide credit union support

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    Fraud Prevention

    User-behavior and transaction review
    Detailed reporting and analytics
    Whitelist / Blacklist management
    Real-time transaction screening & reviewing automation 
    Switch interface gateway and core banking solutions 

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    Operation Blockchain and Engagement Solutions

    Banking service comparison tracker
    Stock market and finance report portal
    Personalized financial management solution
    mBanking Apps 
    Payment gateway apps
    Cryptocurrency and blockchain apps

Benefits to bank on

Why Choose Us?

  • Reliability

    You can rely on our QA Specialists as they set up a test environment to assess if the finance IT solution meets your requirements and fix errors progressively.

  • Robust Security

    We design solutions that help safeguard financial institutions from major threats across cross-border exchanges and third-party vendors.

  • Consumer-centric

    At Alea, we follow a personalized approach and prioritize your customer’s demands with the custom UX-first solutions we develop.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We emphasize creating a compliance culture that assures partners and customers of the highest level of security and privacy at all times.

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Integrating real-time data in the decision making process to combat fintech industry challenges

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    Easy Accessibility

    Safer access to financial information is a major concern for many informed customers. Millennials are more selective while choosing a convenient and personalized way to manage their bank accounts and financing documents.

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    Most bankers cite secure regulatory requirements as ineffective and expensive. The rising regulatory requirements impact the diversity and innovation that bankers strive to implement for fulfilling customers escalating demands.

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    Managing Customer Data

    Managing and storing the huge amounts of data generated by customers in today’s world takes a lot of analytics and business intelligence to analyze, manage and store the amount of data generated.


Empowering finance across all platforms

Being a top fintech solution provider in India, We strive to provide finance IT solutions to various problems faced in the industry. We have a team of quick-witted business analysts to ideate the best solutions that define the business objectives of every bank and finance company. Certified developers, designers, and quality analysts develop an integrated product that can run across all smartphones, tablets, and other wearable devices.

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