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Leave the confines of old-school learning methods and explore the possibilities of new ones with our state-of-the-art e-learning software solutions. Education and learning are a broad spectrum, and thus we come up with tailor-made Education software development for your diversified requirements. We assist our clients in establishing solutions that deliver value to their users, ranging from primary eLearning portals to robust administration software. 

With the experience of more than 15 years in the software development industry, we assist every scale of business, from start-ups to enterprises, to transform their innovative ideas into market-driven solutions. From live classes to webinars, progress assessments recorded sessions, and secured user profiles, no stone is left unturned by AleaIT in terms of exceptional Education and E-learning software development. You can count on us to do complete justice to your investment while adding goodwill to your brand in your respective field.


Top-Notch Education and e-Learning Software Development Solutions

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    Enterprise LMS Development 

    Performance tracking system
    End-to-end encrypted chat service
    Integrated AI for language assistance
    AR/VR-based online training
    CV-based talent analysis of Employees

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    Online Student-Tutor Platform

    Audio & video whiteboards
    Custom notification & alerts
    Campus Portal Support
    Supplement instruction reporting
    Integration with meeting platforms such as google meet zooms

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    E-Learning Software Solution

    Drag & Drop course creation
    AR/VR classroom interaction
    Usage on Multi-device 
    Compliance and certification report
    Resource Library and assessment tools

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    Self-Learning Management Systems

    Gamified learning approach
    Comprehensive reporting
    Assignment-driven peer learning
    Real-time communication capability
    Customized learning paths and individual feedback

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    Online Exam & Assessment Monitoring Software

    School/college search
    Anti-cheating module
    Multiple types and series of tests
    Certificate & evaluation system 
    Multi-user login & role-based authorization

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    SaaS-based Childcare Management & Learning Platform

    Dedicated parent portal
    Program management
    Staff management & scheduling
    Immunization & health records
    Regular updates & emergency alerts


Gain an edge over your Edtech and E-learning software with ALEAIT

  • Domain Experts

    Our domain specialists are experts in the e-learning industry and know how to incorporate processes and regional regulations into applications.

  • Data Analytics

    By leveraging data analytics, we provide insight into learning outcomes and simplify the evaluation process for teaching and administrative staff.

  • Immersive UI/UX

    Rendering an engaging user experience for students, parents & teachers with our custom edtech software solutions.

  • Extensive Experience

    Our diverse portfolio allows us to create customized edtech solutions for web, mobile, desktop & cloud-based environments.

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Addressing challenges with Custom built E-learning Solutions for classroom education.

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    Technical Issues

    Providing high-performance technical support for E-learning applications and websites that are not well equipped and cause interruptions and distractions to students.

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    Physical teaching can easily discuss various open-minded questions, explicit queries, and doubts. At the same time, online learning requires feedback systems.

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    Adaptability Struggle

    Comforting students with virtual learning is difficult to adapt from face-to-face and traditional teaching to mobile and desktop-based learning.


Offering Solutions for Education hubs to future learning enterprise

We aim to empower every learning and educational space into more innovative and technologically advanced virtual training centers in mobile applications or websites. It was designed and developed so thousands of students, trainers, and learners can access them on any device, i.e., iPhone, iPad, Laptop, tablet, or desktop. From any corner as per their convenience. We aim to make primary education as accessible as Lynda, Udemy, and other renowned brands.

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