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Healthcare Industry Solutions & Services

With undergoing changes in the healthcare industry across the world, the prime focus is on improving the quality of care delivered. A successful healthcare organization of today relies on the medical information system, focused business intelligence for evolving strategic initiatives, as well as an agile IT infrastructure that can adapt to changing customer needs while providing affordable healthcare for all patients. And for helping corporations stand out in the competition and achieve customer-oriented services and care.

Our expert team of IT Software developers can assist you in rendering high-quality and better service while controlling costs. We can empower your healthcare organization to create more effective and efficient business strategies. As a partner for digital health, we provide support at every stage. We help create patient-oriented digital healthcare software leveraging the latest technologies that enable real-time monitoring of medical information. As a result, you can make life-critical decisions on time, improve patient care, and provide more personalized care.  


Healthcare Software Development - Value-based Care

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    Custom EMR/EHR

    Comprehensive doctor and patient portal
    Lab, clinic & hospital management
    Billing Systems and E-prescriptions
    Visualization & detailed reporting
    Integration of HIPAA and such regulatory compliance

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    Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Software

    Medicine recall notifications 
    Online Payments
    Collaboration with hospital & clinics system
    Pharmacy database & location tracking
    Prescription upload & real-time duplication detection

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    Healthcare Survey & Assessment Solution

    Email & Text integration
    Customized question bank
    Real-time data collection and reporting
    Cross-platform app
    Text Message & Email integration
    Admin portal for managing responses

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    Homecare Services Platform

    Carer authentication / KYC 
    Chatbot integration
    Carer shift management
    Payment gateway integrations
    Patient-carer contract builder

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    Innovative Telemedicine Solutions

    Prescription Management
    Doctor & Patient record management
    Interactive care management
    Vitals data management
    External healthcare systems integration

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    Remote patient Monitoring Solutions

    Collecting real-time medical data
    Conversational virtual assistant
    AI-enabled IoT devices
    Customized notifications
    EMR/EHR Integration

What makes AleaIT unique?

Reimagine your healthcare business with AleaIT

  • Innovative Medical Practice Technologies

    Our dedicated specialists have the strong technical acumen to assist hospitals, healthcare research centers, and pharmaceuticals save lives and foster health.

  • IT Consulting for Healthcare

    With our experienced team of experts, we work with you to develop clinical and healthcare software solutions that help hospitals, clients, patients and EHR.

  • Customized Patient Experience

    Healthcare organizations can create easy-to-navigate patient portals through our digital transformation solutions that promote the interactive patient experience.

  • Robust Information Security

    We encrypt your data against digital threats and virus attacks, ensuring a higher level of security with globally certified and proven safety protocols.

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Channelizing Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals challenges into great Opportunities

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    Managing Big

    Treating every patient on a mobile desktop, suggesting the right diet, exercises, medication, and other huge information is stored, managed and processed by IT tools and technologies across multiple devices. Collecting such high volumes of data at speed while maintaining privacy is quite challenging.

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    Patients want innovation

    Patients expect core features from their healthcare system are surprisingly normal. To gratify audiences of all ages is a challenge as patients in this industry are more interested in efficient value-based care and and integration with channels that are just appealing interfaces.

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    Online Reputation Management 

    Traditional Measures of nursing and treating patients and care are lacking in today’s digital health ecosystem. Technology investments and innovative programs are derived from patient experience. The majority of healthcare software does not have an effective method of capturing patient feedback.


Transforming healthcare towards the future for better clinical decision making

We offer solutions that cater to all types of users within this industry and create software and apps to empower physicians, for driving millennials through the latest fitness and wearable bands, for patient engagement/management, for enhancing physician-patient communication, for overall hospital workflow management, and increase efficiency and revenue for medical businesses.

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