Our Work Culture

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    We believe in building a creative, courteous, and independent workforce which actively promotes a healthy work-life balance.
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    What makes us different and stronger is diverse, inclusive and equitable environment which helps our teams excel and our customers thrive.
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    Integrity, passion, and accountability have shaped our culture, and we continually explore new ways to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work.

Our Commitment to Excellence

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    Our team of individuals comprises self-motivated and goal-oriented individuals who appreciate the essence of our core values.
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    Alea provides valuable assistance to developers, designers, marketers, and other interesting individuals to achieve the desired results.
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    We are your trusted technology partner who is proactive in addressing your IT needs.

Our Mission

AleaIT Solutions is committed to providing solutions that deliver outstanding results. The core of our business is innovation. We strive to excel in technologies such as eCommerce, mobile and web apps, mCommerce, AR/VR, cloud integration, wearables, IoT, cross-platform, enterprise mobility, and more. Taking advantage of these technologies, we translate the value for our client’s customers through professional and world-class services, thereby helping businesses achieve their full potential internationally.

Our Vision

An organization that is process-driven, well-managed, and highly profitable. Based on the client’s requirements, we understand the best-desired output. As part of our services, we help our customers design their exact state, working with them every step of the way. We strive to be a primary partner for our clients by providing innovative, faster, reliable, and profitable solutions within our area of expertise on a global level. Provide superior value to our employees and customers as a process-driven, professionally managed organization. In order to achieve operational excellence, we strive to provide IT-enabled services that optimize and automate processes.

Our Values

We hold ourselves accountable for what we say to clients and deliver on what we promise. Their opinions are considered when making decisions.

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    We hold ourselves accountable for what we say to clients and deliver on what we promise. Their opinions are considered when making decisions.

  • innovation
    Dedicated & Innovative

    It’s in our DNA to innovate and be passionate. By combining these qualities, we provide businesses with innovative solutions that meet their needs.

  • teamwork

    Working together with our clients and colleagues allows us to provide better solutions. Teamwork is built on respect, harmony, and close relationships to make it as effective as possible.

  • collaborative
    Work collaboratively

    We work as a team at Alea, supporting our colleagues and clients to provide better solutions. Keeping our relationships close, treating each other with respect, and working harmoniously is the key to our effective teamwork

  • quest
    The quest for knowledge

    Keeping an eye out for market trends and updating our products according to the latest technology is one of our priorities. Therefore, our customers get profitable results and stay ahead of the competition.

  • experience
    An enriching experience

    By showing integrity and authenticity, we look to engineer an attitude of giving and helping which expands not only us but those who work with us.