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    What can you achieve with Zero Code or
    Analytics Background?

    Reports and Dashboards

    Create, edit & share – from simple visualization to advanced charts and complex tabular & cross tab reports, drag & drop to create stunning dashboards and reports.

    Reports and Dashboards

    Critical Influencer Analysis

    Know what matters in your data! Understand the impact of influencers on your target with simple English language interpretations and interactive visualizations.

    Critical Influencer Analysis

    Analytical Predictions

    With Zero Time Learning, you can build, share, and use predictive models without any coding or data science experience. Transform your business users into citizen data scientists.

    Analytical Predictions

    Multiple Data Functionality

    Integrate, merge, navigate, and negotiate various data sets from multiple sources. Build what you need with data from multiple sources. Build cross tabs, tabular prints and reports.

    Multiple Data Functionality

    Get Analytics Ready Data

    A plug-and-play solution for any data source. Data will be analytics-ready within a short period of time from multiple sources, without the need for SQL or ETL scripts.

    Get Analytics Ready Data

    The Data Analysis Process

    Step 1:

    Define the smart solution to capture the data

    Step 2:

    Collect the raw data

    Step 3:

    Clean the data and separate it with different algorithms

    Step 4:

    Analyze the data

    Step 5:

    Intuitive visualisation of data

    Why should you use BI and Data Analytics to make your Application Smarter?

    • Make informed strategic decisions
    • Identify market trends & behavior
    • Drive revenue and performance
    • Predict and uncover new opportunities
    • Smarter & faster reporting
    • Improve operational efficiency

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