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7 consideration when building a mobile applications

Mobile Internet usage is increasing steeply accounting for more than 50 percent of mobile traffic all around the world. Billions of people are searching for products and services through browsers on their smartphones, also now they are able to access mobile apps on a routine basis.

As browsing is increasing rapidly, for each IT director and VP of Engineering it is very important for creating a strategy for mobile app development. Before beginning the project, there are several considerations to be taken care of.

Having a great idea for developing an app is called to be a big part of the battle, as it is the start of the process. Here are some important considerations which are important when building a mobile application:

Know Your Audience

The first consideration that is to be kept in mind while creating a mobile app is to reach and understand your targeted users, not only in the terms of statistical data but also in terms of behavior. Topic according to the users and the app intent should be taken into consideration. If you are unsure some great tools like Google Trends and Google Ad words will help.

Involvement of the App Development team

To develop a mobile application different techniques and approaches are available which depend on its operating system and intended device. For launching you’re there are different requirements available on various app stores. This is the reason why your development team must be involved in the process early in order to make sure that the concept being used reach your targeted audience effectively and efficiently and also leads to cost reduction.

The Mobile app development team lets you determine and decide which approach is best suitable:

  1. Device performance and optimization

  2. Security of Apps

  3. Optimization and performance of the operating system

  4. API security.

Also, they should have complete skills and knowledge of how to build apps using agile methodologies. With the process of agile development, each element of the app development should be performed, ensuring rapid and accurate design, build, and events release. Greater communication and cohesion between the project teams and your company are provided by this approach.

Importance of Testing

While developing a website is not an easy task, creating a more secure and user-friendly application is more difficult. Testing is an important part of the QA process, which means that the time required for designing and building your application could take more than expected.

This is also another additional reason for the development team’s involvement in the process as early as possible. Publishing a faulty app and then later fixing the errors and bugs will cost more and also the time duration of the project increases than getting the app publishing at the right app. Launching a faulty app that is not ready to get published can lead to the breakdown of users’ trust and issues in adoption.

It doesn’t matter what kind of app you are building, there should be strict and tested QA methodologies. Following functional and non-functional issues includes testing which are:

  1. Unit

  2. Integration

  3. System

  4. Acceptance

  5. Performance

  6. Security

  7. Compatibility

  8. Usability

Be Prepared for Maintenance and Updates

Consistent maintenance and updates are required after even when your apps are published on the App store. After your app goes live Involvement of your development team in the maintenance process helps you in addressing the various errors and challenges including emergencies, new user requirements, errors and bug fixing, and operating system hardware adaptations.

Stay Lean and Agile

Your development team who are lean and agile ensures that users take the advantage of fast-loading pages, low usage of mobile data, and quick reachability to the information of your application. It also helps in removing useless features, building a quality user experience before entering the market, and approaching the app development by improving the entire process, instead of improving one by one feature.

Agile methodologies make sure that the top priority is user and customer satisfaction, and that the development step is sustainable and rapid. Technical excellence is cutting the edge of the development process and the app delivery the products and services in a clean and user-friendly manner.

Know Your Competition

Your app should be about the benefits which are easily affordable by the users, your company also needs to research its competition determining the type of apps they are building, the reason why they are created, and how they are engaged in the process. Prepare the list of the competitors of your company and search their apps on the app store. Monitor the apps yourself and read the reviews and learn the feature which is more enjoyed by the users and what experience is needed to be improved.

How to Monetize the App

The main reason for every business before app creation is to monetize them. The budget and the maintenance cost of the applications must be considered by your company, as well as which methods will help them to make money from their users. The options include advertising, freemiums, In-app purchases, and app installation.

Having a discussion with your development team about monetization will help you to keep the budget for your maintenance and the cost of updates.

Remembering all these seven considerations, you and your development team will build the mobile application that generates the revenues and derive the budget and benefits of the agile development and maintenance process.

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