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Blockchain Training

ALEA took the 7 days training session of the employees where they got the opportunity to learn about the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Ethereum. The session starts from 20th Jan & ended at 27th Jan 2018 after that they were asked to work on trial project. All the employees have participated in the session as everyone was keen to learn about the new technologies.

Starting from the theoretical know how to practical approach everyone learned the fundamentals of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Ethereum, how they work, how they will be going to revolutionize the Digital Industry in the future.

Each day there was a revision session to remind them where the last session ended which helps them to keep the spirit up. Every day they come with their question and join the session with their zeal up.

It was a successful session in which they learned about the new technologies & at the end create a project also which not only will be fruitful for the organisation but as an individual itself.

Now, the team is working on another project on blockchain which will be completed soon as well.