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IoT Wave to Future

IOT or Internet of Things are the connection of more than millions of physical objects to an Internet and also refers to the collection of data and sharing. This is only being possible through the processors that are cheap, and the wireless networks as it can be easily turned into anything whether it is a pill or an big airplane into the parts of IOT. Another height of digital intelligence is being added to the devices, making them enabled to get communicated with the human beings and merging both with the world of digital and physical, otherwise it would be considered as dumb. Any physical device can be easily converted to an Iot device, only if it can get connected and controlled by an Internet. Lets have an example, A light bulb which can get switched on and off by the apps installed in the smart phones, is an IOT object as also in an motion sensor connected in the offices or to the street lights.

Basically the term IOT are used where the devices have an internet connection and a network of humans to communicate and only for this reason PC and smart phone are not considered to be as an IOT device though now it has been occupied more with the sensors. However an smart watch and the fitness band might be considered as an IOT device due to the pre-installed and fitted sensors into it.

Proper disposing is required for the processors to be the cheap and power saving, and also becoming the cost effective by getting connected to more than million of devices or objects. In the 1999 the phrase of Internet of Things is formulated by Kevin Ashton, although an decade was tooked up by the technology to get caught up by the vision.

Earlier an suggestion was given to the devices that are connected by the internet which includes blogjects meaning objects maintains the records and blogs of the data of themselves connected with the internet, such as ubicomp, invisible and pervasive computing.

Many applications are being created for IOT. Recently I came across the project of health care where the application for health was created for the IOT by the team of company AleaIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They created the such applications for the doctors who can track and locate the live location of the patients and helps them to provide the health care facilities wherever the patient is, the disease can be easily treated by the doctors and can help the, to make cure.
Similarly many more applications are created by them for IOT which will be useful for everyone not only today but also in future.