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Sales Vs Business Development

Most of us do think that sales and business development are the 2 ways to refer to the same activity and if you are 1 of them you are absolutely thinking wrong and not doing your job correctly.

To be clear, Business Development Representatives and Sales Development Representatives are completely 2 different aspects. Believe it or not, there are enough of differences to warrant both though its also true that both positions helps to grow your business.

The Difference Between Sales and Business Development

  1. Definition
    • a. Business Development – BDR do research, find leads and update their pipeline with fresh and new leads each day who are waiting for solutions or products.
    • b. Sales – Sales is all about closing the qualified lead given by the BDR. Sales people might perform some additional qualities, but their ultimate goals is to close the deal.
  2. Why Divide Prospecting from Closing?
    • a. There is now increase difficulty in reaching the buyers and search for the leads.
    • b. Cannot waste the time of sales people who are good at closing the deal instead of finding it.
    • c. Helps in maximize efficiency and output.
  3. When to pass lead to Sales
    • a. BDR find the prospective client discuss with them but when the prospect is interested and connect BDR to decision maker.
    • b. Whether the prospect need solution in near future.
    • c. If the prospect is having set budget to spend.

    Again, it differs from company to company where sometime the sales people go beyond and handle many operations likewise BDR.

  4. Difference in BDR and sales call.
    • a. BDR find the prospect if they are interested in any solution of product.
    • b. Sales conversation should pick up from where BDR left off.
    • c. Sales cover wide range of things like, comparing product/service to competitors’.
    • d. Setting up demo
    • e. Price breakdowns
    • f. Implementation plans

Now, all of this isn’t meant to de-value the functions of any BDR or Sales. Both jobs are tuff and very important for the company’s growth making it extremely difficult career, one with constant denial and pressure to succeed.

Despite their apparent overlap, still they are very different.

I hope enjoyed reading this and share your thoughts what do you think about this?