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What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is referred to as the potential of the robots being controlled by the robots or the digital computers who perform the tasks, incorporated with the intelligent beings. The concept of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is often applied to development system projects. It has been bestowed with the sage processes of human characteristics, such as the power to reason, meaning to discover, generalize, or experience learning from the past.

After digital computers were developed in the 1940s, it has been signified that computers are programmed to carry out tasks that are very complex. Such as proofs that are discovered for the theorems of mathematics or chess playing with great efficiency and proficiency. Performance levels by the expert humans have attained some programs in performing some of the tasks that are very specific so that the applications of the Artificial Intelligence(AI) are founded as diverse into the diagnosis of the medical. Search engines of computers, voice recognition, and human handwriting recognition are one of the newest.

There are two distinct and different approaches to Artificial Intelligence(AI), and to the extent, there are methods that are competing i.e the symbolic and the connection-list approach.

The basic goal of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the creation of systems and making them expert and professionalized, creating systems that can very well understand, learn, behave and think as human beings do. Its main motive is to create systems that exhibit intelligent behavior, can learn on their own, give a piece of advice and demonstrate well to the users.

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