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5 Killer Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Every business is successful if they have the good and repeated customer base. We all know that the online eCommerce industry is increasing fast and will continue its rapid growth. Starting an eCommerce has never been an easy task but an easy task compares to have the lucrative and growing eCommerce store.

There are various ways available to boost your eCommerce sales but some of them are completely pointless if you’re not following the right strategies.

People should not be unfamiliar with strategy. Those who understand it will survive and those who do not will perishrightly said by Sun Tzu.

In this post I am sharing some great ideas but I don’t expect that all will be relevant to everyone but definitely you will get good ideas to explore and experiment.

1. mCommerce Store

Many businesses focus on only having web based eCommerce store resulting in loosing massive customers as now-a-day most of the users use mobile for day to day tasks in their life. Atleast having a responsive eCommerce website is good start and If your products are too difficult to purchase on mobile devices, you could lose a number of potential customers.

2. Eliminate Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are major issue for an eCommerce business as customers go away if they find any great offer on other store for reasonable price and thus you will loose sales.
One of the great way to reduce this by offering time bounded discount so they can immediately purchase. You can also send follow-up emails to remind them of their cart and send discount coupons.

3. Automate Birthday, Anniversary and Seasonal Cash Discounts

One of the great way to boost the loyal customer is by sending them the personalised discount. It was experienced that the personalised discount have great increasing affects to boost the sales.

4. Social Media Reviews

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are among the highest-performing sites. Yet, depending on your business niche, other sites may prove to be more worthwhile.
People are more likely to buy if they will get good reviews and recommendation from their social media influencers they follow. You must maintain good reviews on social media to have great sales but don’t afraid of bad reviews as well they will help you in improving.

5. Focus on Most Selling Products

By focusing on the small number of products that disproportionately contribute towards your website’s success, you can achieve exponential growth.

Offer the great discounts on these most selling products will help you contributing in more success to your website as increasing the sales of highest selling products is more easy compared to the products which are not being sold in months.

For every business, small or big it’s always better to know what your customers think and what they want. Knowing this by experimenting with technology and other tactics will always contributes in growth.
I hope this tactics or ideas will give you some information to think and implement. Let me know if you have anything worth sharing that you’ve found practically useful.

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