Our Approach

The client approached us with very limited requirements. We had several meetings with the client and mapped out the project scope, we gathered knowledge about the market, information about what they wanted to do, what’s their target audience liked and so much more.

These meetings, constant communication, brainstorming from both sides, helped us understand their vision they had in their minds. Our UI/UX team started working on the ideas. We planned it to be a very minimalistic and interactive design that we successfully did.

We have planned the development of this application in smaller chunks of work so that we can deliver a quality product to the client upgrading it with new features after every new sprint. We were able to deliver it to the client before the committed time. The work and progress was always shared with the client while delivering the product and weekly reports were shared with the stakeholders to keep them posted on the progress.

Our QA and QC expertise performed extensive testing on the product to ensure that the quality product is being delivered to the client. We have also provided an additional benefit of 60 days post sales support to make sure that client faces no issues even after the final delivery.

The Challenges

  1. Live tracking of the orders from FedEx and UPS
  2. Show the best possible option for the delivery, which is fast as well as cheap.
  3. Integrate the Twilio API SMS notification on the status of the order
  4. Interactive and Easy User Flow of the web application

The Solution

The idea of bringing the event equipment shipment to this web application was executed very well with the use of leading logistic and shipping services like UPS and FedEx.

We have integrated the live tracking of the shipments in the application as well so that the user doesn’t need to login in the service providers website.

Also, notifications via SMS to keep the crew members and event organizers updated about the shipments.


  • Easy registration for the crew members
  • Order Management to place orders and check order status
  • Order status to know the current state of the shipment
  • Live tracking of the orders which are in the transit
  • Customer Management
  • The users can find Cost and Time estimation of the orders
  • UPS and FedEx API integration to directly interact
  • Interact with the customer support over the messaging and call over the application
  • Get notified for the order status over the SMS
  • Reorder Management
  • Order History

Technologies Used

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The Result

It improved the efficiency of shipping heavy equipment which are needed in the events. It made it easy for the crew members to manage their orders on the same portal and they can reorder the products through their order history.

The agents totally loved using the application to fill out the daily reports and the complex algorithms we applied were working efficiently, showing useful Insights and fetching future data so that the agents and the admin can take data driven decisions.