Our Approach

The aim that made this project successful was forming ideas about best practices regarding how to deal with complexity and the critical success factors that are involved in this. When planning project success, project failure and its recognition and avoidance is an important part of that plan.

Part of the approach we followed:

  • Complete functional specification.
  • Abandon cart functionality to increase the selling.
  • Complete understanding of the appointment functionality.
  • Complete creation of wireframes.
  • Creation of the design on the basis of the wireframes.
  • Discussion on the functionality of the advance search facility based on name, location, expertise and postcode for a full understanding.
  • Complete management of the user dashboard based on appointments scheduled, cancelled and postponed.
  • Integration of the live chat facility.
  • Discussion on how the payment functionality would work and which payment gateway integration was needed.

The Challenges

As the project was really large and complex, there were both technical and logical issues that arose. Some of the most challenging issues were:

  • Creation of a dynamic calendar on the basis of scheduled, cancelled and postponed appointments. Appointment dates were shown, but clients needed to see the details of each date, which in turn made the calendar lose it’s functionality which was a very time-consuming process.
  • There were many videos which were making the website slow which we had to solve in collaboration with the client.

The Solution

All the issues were clearly addressed thus enabling us to provide relevant solutions for them. The client provided a clear specification, which we really appreciated, allowing us to provide our own input based on the functionality at each stage making the process smooth and easy to understand.

We also suggested a solution for the calendar detail issue, which fitted in with the requirements of the client and which was greatly appreciated. We took voice calls and communicated with the client regularly which helped to foster mutual understanding and led to the successful completion of the project without losing functionality or quality. We provided the client with a dedicated developer and in-depth updates which really helped us to understand the client’s needs.


With great understanding and communication our team have achieved our goal and delivered the project successfully.

The client offered us a maintenance contract and we are still managing the website today and it is running smoothly worldwide and making good revenue.