Our Approach

For the successful completion of the project, we have explored the market regarding this solution and have come up with the robust ecommerce website solution i.e Opencart with a simple to use content management system which could handle the management and the administration of large and varied products.

We have fully customized bespoke e-commerce website with superb design which also allows us to manage the stock, sales, customer account, delivery details, payment methods, newsletter.We have fully customized the system and modules where we integrated

  • Reward system for the customers.
  • Abandon cart functionality to increase the selling.
  • Complete website is SEO optimized.
  • Developed the module where the customers can ask questions for a particular product and get notified for the answers by the admin. Other customers can view all the Q&A in order to know about the product better.
  • Location based product display.
  • Customized multiple shipping options for the customers based on their needs.

The Challenges

The client really helped us in clarifying all the doubts, client don’t want to hire a professional web designer or developer to manage the Ecommerce website for every update so making the system easy to manage without any coding knowledge was a concern for client.

Few of the functionality was not defined prior which leads in re-developing and customizing the website like:

  • Multiple shipping options.
  • Products display based on IP address.
  • Q&A functionality for each productClient is concerned about the inventory management, sales & orders, cart abandon rate, reporting and ALEA needs to care of these to improve the shopping experience of the customers.

The Solution

We have thoroughly analysed the complete specification and clarified every detail with client by repeatedly discussing the issues with client.

On every phase ALEA shared the demo with client, client saw that the system was user friendly and supported a higher conversion to sales rate both because of ease of use and features such as email notification, newsletter, abandon cart, multiple shipping option, coupon management, rewards system which help customers to complete their order and have the benefit of using coupons for discount.

There were also few other actions we have taken:

  • easy to update even for users with basic computer technology skills.
  • simple search engine optimization tools that help them improve their online search results quickly and easily.
  • Great and simple checkout process with complete details and have the option to enable/disable the payment gateway from admin.

Technologies Used

  1. Opencart
  2. MySQL
  3. Bespoke Design
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Smoovpay Payment Gateway
  6. Paypal Integration
  7. IP based location

The Result

Client was so happy with the Ecommerce website provided by Alea that they are still using the same till now without any issue and the website is running perfectly.

We have offered client free after sales support of 30 days but as the website is easy to manage client was able to manage all the things easily without even any support by us. Further, the maintenance contract was signed, and we are looking after the website so that it never goes down and keep on generating good revenue for our client and serving customers for their needs.