Our Approach

The Client came up with an idea to make the communication easy among the different teams working in the events backstage. The different teams like the production team, stage design team, lighting team etc. They need to coordinate with different teams at times.

It took a lot of research to gather all the requirements and what’s needed for developing such an application by the development team expertise, UI/UX team and the business development team with the stakeholders.

We followed the agile methodology for the development of this application and the potentially shippable product at the end of each sprint. The development process was also tracked by the client on the project management tool such as trello.

The QA and QC expertise in our team ensures that the application is bugsfree and of the highest quality.

The Challenges

  1. Communication over cellular & WiFi network.
  2. Real time chat using AWS app sync & DynamoDB.
  3. Handling a large user base.
  4. Real time reports of the active and inactive users.
  5. Secure communication any encrypted message.

The Solution

Since the customer did not come up with a specification, We developed a high level design and defined the component to be created as well as the development tools that the project needs.

We had extensive experience in mobile application development. Our development team has a deep understanding of serverless real time chat so we developed using AWS app sync and DynamoDB. The cellular and wifi calling implemented by using the technologies.

We have used interactive charts to present the reports to the admins and the super admin to look into the groups details and the active and inactive users.

We have also used a public key cryptosystem. The algorithm uses a public key for encrypting messages and a secret decryption key. Nobody except the chat participants can decode the message.


  1. Communication over cellular & WiFi network
  2. Real Time chat using AWS app sync & DynamoDB
  3. Easy user grouping
  4. The users can participate in multiple groups
  5. User roles and rights Management
  6. Easy & secure Intercommunication among the events teams
  7. Intuitive dashboards and reports
  8. Send Alert to any user
  9. Subscription based model
  10. Handles Large user base
  11. Smooth Monitoring
  12. Android and iOS Application for the end users

Technologies Used

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The Result

The client was extremely happy with our team and the final product he received. The client’s idea really worked and successfully hosted more than 40+ events in a few months and over 70% of clients bought the yearly subscription for this platform. The technologies used in this are never going to be outdated and capable of handling a very large user base.