Our Approach

The requirements we got from the client were very clear and provided the wireframes along with the requirements. We need to start from the design phase and it should be modern and attractive. Our UI/UX team put their 100% to give users a seamless experience.

The Challenges

1. Cost calculation based on the words and hours
2. Real-Time Chat
3. Buying and Selling of services
4. Sending the email from front-end Vue.js

The Solution

After in-depth analysis and app requirements brought up by the client, our team framed a complete picture of a realistic app and suggested the following solutions –

Predefined the cost of hours worked and set an algorithm for the calculation of the estimated total hours in case of direct assigned jobs and defined the cost of each translator.

Responsive and interactive UI/UX to improve the user engagement.

To Show the relevant available translators and the content writers, we have suggested the industrial tags so that we can show the translators available with the same tags.


  1. Language Translation to any selected language by the experts
  2. Word counter for directly applied tasks to charge by word count
  3. Payment gateway to pay online
  4. Easy and intuitive interface
  5. Upload files (Word, pdf)
  6. Chat with available expertise to discuss the job
  7. Find industry based expertise
  8. Hire the translators online and assign the job at a fixed price
  9. Price negotiation

Technologies Used

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With our industry expertise, refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to go above and beyond clients expectations.The app not only catered to the expectation level of the client, it helped numbers of users seeking to get fast and affordable translation services. This application was witnessing its demand among users with word-of-mouth. Other users want to implement the same kind of solution as it’s easy, fast, and inexpensive.