Our Approach

As the Project requirements were too big, we decided to go with the agile methodology which helped us to divide the whole project into small sprints. Potentially shippable products were delivered to the client every two weeks and the feedback was taken at every stage during the demo of the product.

The client was very much clear about what he wants so it won’t take much of the time to clear up the requirements.

As moved to the phase 1 of designing the product and the workflow of the application by keeping in the mind that it should be user friendly and attractive. We successfully achieved that by doing research and the user reviews.

The client wanted to developed this with use the latest technologies and we have used the best suited as per the needs.

The progress remained transparent with the client during the development by using the Project management tools like JIRA, Trello which played the major role in the client satisfaction and the results amazed him.

The QA and QC team ensures after every sprint that the new features are getting delivered to the client without any issues. We also provided 60 days of sales support.

The Challenges

  1. Handling an enormous user base to provide crash free and smooth experience.
  2. High Streaming Quality with extremely low latency and no audio-video lagging.
  3. New subdomain for every event with a serverless architecture.
  4. Chat Rooms – The attendees can create the chatrooms with the multiple users and can discuss over the chat.
  5.  Co-Watch the live streaming content to watch the live streaming together and chat.
  6. Advanced Analytics to know every detail of the events. 7. Fully customized Web App

The Solution

When the client approached us with these big sets of requirements, we conducted multiple meetings with the stakeholders to get to know the requirements very clearly and then we decided to move further on the designing phase to get the requirements freezed

Also our well versed designers conducted few surveys and brainstorming with clients and the users to get the workflow and interactive user experience done for this web application

We followed the Agile methodology to get this done and managed the changes very efficiently to include in the ongoing sprints and successfully delivered the shippable products at the end of every sprint.

We focused on the latest and reliable technologies as this web application is going to have large user bases and thousands of users can hit at a time. So to make sure that the performance won’t get affected.


  1. Seamless Onboarding of new users
  2. VoD (Video On Demand) to access anytime
  3. Extremely Low Latency
  4. High streaming quality with exceptional quality of Audio and Video
  5. Great UI/UX design
  6. Responsive design to run smoothly in any of the devices
  7. Designed for both limited and unlimited users
  8. New sub-domain for every event
  9. Chat rooms to discuss with multiple users while streaming
  10.  Valuable Insights for Admin
  11. Fully Customizable webapp by the events managers
  12. Attractive themes to choose the layout from
  13. Unlimited Audience

Technologies Used

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Over 70+ successful events organized over this platform like vehicle launching events, electronic products launching events, Fashion Shows, Award ceremonies, seminars etc, with unlimited and limited audiences in a short span of time.

The attendees really enjoyed the seamless experience. Overwhelming response of the users made this web application a success.