Our Approach

As the clients requirements were to connect users over a platform and the Admin can manage the users right for audio and video settings and can set the timers for their presentation.

When the client approached us, we seized the opportunity to develop a platform for the users to connect with other participants over video call to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Our UI/UX expertise researched for the best approach to provide an immersive experience to the users and designed the wireframes and prototypes to show how the product will look like. We planned to focus on a rather simple and easy to browse structure in order to provide a seamless UX for visitors.

We followed the Agile methodology during the development and delivered the functional modules to the client timely and delivered the highest possible business value at the end of each sprint.

The development progress was transparent throughout. The client has access to JIRA and tracks the progress during the whole process.

The Challenges

  1. Grid formation of the connected users
  2. Handling an enormous amount of users
  3. Maintaining low latency video and audio
  4. Record each grid video

The Solution

The event broadcasting application has made it easy to access not only the glamorous events, sports, and concerts, but to broadcast political debates and protests to the mass using this application the users can broadcast events which have discussion panels and can discuss over the platform like sport discussion panel, newsroom panel, debates, official presentations.

We advised the robust technologies that can fit in with clients requirements considering the large user base. We have used AntMedia for the ultra low latency webrtc streaming to experience real-time video streaming. Ant Media provides less than 0.5 seconds latency which is the lowest.

To deal with the video streaming grids we have designed our customized script to fit in all the participants as we have designed this in a way that unlimited users can join the broadcast if the admin allows. This application is cross-browser compatible and our QA and QC expertise performed extensive testing to ensure this.


  1. Unlimited users can connect over the platform
  2. All connected users will be displayed in Grid
  3. Larger Screen for the active user
  4. Countless users can connect in one go
  5. High quality Video
  6. Video Webinars
  7. Users Rights management (Audio/Video Management)
  8. Timers can be set for each user presentation
  9. Screen Sharing


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This Application gathered a lot of users base in a few days of its launch. The Small businesses were joining quite fast amid the ongoing pandemic situation to connect to their team members.

This application gathered the most amazing response from the students. 36% of the users on this application are students and the rest of the users are from different streams. Some of them which are popular on our application are official team meetings, sales webinars, Online product marketing and the motivational speakers. Links will be generated for each of the events.