Our Approach

When we get the requirements from the client we understand the requirements completely by scheduling multiple meetings.

Further, wireframes and prototypes are prepared to give a visual idea of how the various screens and elements of the mobile app are going to gel together and transition from one section to the other. This is like using the actual app, but on the paper or on the graphic screen rather than the actual mobile app.

Based on the wireframe, our graphic designers and mobile app designers created the look and feel of the mobile app that would be a charm to use for all the users.

Moving forward, once the designing is done, We moved to the development phase following the agile methodology framework. Potentially shippable products were delivered to the client every two weeks and the feedback was taken at every stage during the demo of the product. The development progress was transparent to the client and can be tracked on the project management tool JIRA.

The Challenges

As the project was really large and complex, there were both technical and logical issues that arose. Some of the most challenging issues were:

  • Large User Base
  • Low Latency Calls
  • High quality video calls
  • Maintaining multiple rooms created by the users
  • Random People in/out in the rooms
  • Faster Communication
  • Third Party Payment Gateway

The Solution

It’s the clear and mitigated communication between the development team and the client that leads an application to success.

Navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience. We completely understand the requirements of the client and based on that we found some of the challenges that need more effort and research.

The other challenge for the faster communication and the easy to use application was managed by our expertise of UI/UX by designing the smooth navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.


  1. The users can create the groups/rooms to watch together and share the room id with friends
  2. Preloaded content to watch
  3. Users can upload the content they want to share and watch together
  4. Connect with your friend via video call, voice call or text while you watch together
  5. Users can upload any movie, presentation, Pictures to watch together
  6. Users can join the discussions in the round table to interact with random users
  7. Users have an option to join 1:1 meeting with random users
  8. User friendly operation
  9. Capable of handling a large user base
  10. Extremely low latency
  11. Faster Communication
  12. Subscription based features
  13. Secured transactions


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A user can create a room for a limited number of people where random people and invited users can join the room to watch the preloaded content or uploaded by the room creator and chat. The room creator has the ability to remove any of the users in this room.

1-1 Networking

Here in this two random users connect over a video call for a limited time and can share the business cards based on their interest and communication. Once the business cards are shared they will be connected over the chat.

Round Table Discussions

In this random user connect over a video call discussion panel started by one of the users. The other users can send a request to discuss any specific topic. The room creator can remove any of the users to avoid miscommunication and if false language is used.


This application managed to get thousands of users in the first month of the launch. As many as 93% of the users responded positively. The users are quite liking the features of this application and cater to the young generation. People are using this application for entertainment, educational and business purposes.