Our Approach

As soon as we got the final requirements from the client, we started with designing the wireframes and detailing them to all the stakeholders to make the workflow and Sprints go in a very swift manner.

Moving forward, once the requirements got fixed, We moved to the development phase following the agile methodology framework. Potentially shippable products were delivered to the client every two weeks and the feedback was taken at every stage during the demo of the product.

Also, as the client was looking for speed development so we had three meetings in a week with the client/ stakeholders to discuss the progress and changes regarding any of the features as per the regular feedback shared by the client. The clients can track the progress on the Project Management tools like JIRA and Trello.

Our QA and QC experts assure that the product delivered to the client is of the highest quality and with negligible errors. As we follow agile development changes are always welcoming.

We made sure that the client faces no issues even after successful delivery by providing them 60 days after sales support.

The Challenges

  1. Engaging and Interactive UI/UX
  2. Advanced complex Algorithms to predict the future sales and performance
  3. Gamification to keep the agents motivated and competent
  4. Four levels of user hierarchy with different functionalities
  5. Universal Access to Admin
  6. Advanced Analytics for the data driven decisions
  7. Email notifications for daily reporting and achieving milestones

The Solution

When the client approached us with the idea there were very complex algorithms and the gamification. We tried to solve the clients issues by designing the user flow of the application very easy, Engaging and interactive.

The system was designed in a way that it responds faster and can handle millions of users without compromising the web app performance.

Data visualization is a vital part of the system so we have used the highcharts to display the information in advanced charts and to easily understand the numbers.



  • Interactive Dashboard for interesting insights of the system
  • Data Visualization to understand the statistics easily
  • Universal Access to admin
  • Forecast Future sales figures
  • Manage agents and groups
  • Manage access Permissions of all group managers and agents

Group Managers

  • Intuitive Dashboard to analyse the performance of agents and groups
  • Predictive Analytical Tools to predict future performance
  • Readable charts and graphs
  • Performance Analysis based on comparison with other agent’s performance


  • Daily Sales Reporting to track the performance
  • Gamification to make applications fun to use and engaging for the agents
  • Data Visualization to display data in charts and graphs
  • Reward Points based on their daily efforts for prospecting the clients
  • Responsive to provide a smooth experience on any device
  • Real time data monitoring to find the improvement areas
  • Predictive Analytical Tools to find the future sales and performance related stats
  • Privacy from the other agents by showing anonymous names


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The Results in Workshop 24 were quickly visible and the client added hundreds of users to the live environment and it was functioning smoothly without any lag and errors. The agents totally loved using the application to fill out the daily reports and the complex algorithms we applied were working efficiently, showing useful Insights and fetching future data so that the agents and the admin can take data driven decisions.