Our Approach

We first submitted a complete wireframe of the system to get a better understanding of the complete system. We developed the system using agile methodology, we broke down the system into different modules and we completed each module within the timeline, so that all the issues were addressed and nothing was missed. The following modules were developed as below:

    • Settings – which included the creation of countries, regions, hotels complete with detail.
    • Added the currency conversion value for each month of the year.
    • Complete user hierarchy which includes corporate panel, regional panel, manager panel and spa panel.
    • Revenue Input sheet capturing all the details necessary for the KPIs and to capture the values entered by spas.
    • Capture of financial detail and generation of monthly reports showing the following data:
      • Daily ACT vs BUD (%)
      • MTD Revenue
      • MTD ACT vs BUD (%)
      • MTD LY REV
      • MTD ACT vs LY (%)
      • View Full Month Budget and LY
    • Visual representation based on KPIs, including 25 KPIs giving a complete overview in all aspects, such as:
  • Comparison of the hotels based on the KPIs at group and regional level
  • KPIs at manager level
  • Monthly report, which includes budgeted expenses and current month versus last year revenue.
  • Email notification settings.

The Challenges

As it involved various different KPIs, there were different issues that needed addressing regarding calculations.

Some KPIs were not providing the relevant details as specified by the client so we had to discuss that with the client.

As different graphs were loading on the single page using Ajax, a speed issue arose which needed attention.

Sometimes changes made on the revenue input sheet, and the calculation of the KPI, were affecting the system.

The Solution

All the issues were clearly addressed thus providing the relevant solutions for them.

The client provided a clear specification regarding user hierarchy which we really appreciated. Regarding the KPIs, we suggested a few different KPIs which were logical for the system which mad the client happy and more confident in the system.

We took voice calls and communicated with the client regularly which helped to foster mutual understanding and led to the successful completion of the project without losing functionality or quality.


Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction with the long term working relationship which makes our client confident about our future work. Currently the system is live and running and is being successfully used by the hotels to track their performances.