Our Approach

Success of every project depends on good communication and deep understanding of the project so that every bit of the project is clear, and no confusion remains at the end.

Before starting the project, our business analyst performed lots of brain storming and had multiple discussions with client. We scrutinized all the requirements thoroughly and made proper wire framings and layouts. After receiving confirmation from the client, our team composed of highly potential developers started working on coding part.

To fulfill all the requirements of the client and keeping in mind the client is aware of the platform “Wodpress” we have used “Wordpress” to develop the website.

Our client needs some following special features:
  • Dynamic and easily manageable website.
  • Modern and professional responsive design.
  • Lead magnets and subscriptions in order to attract more customers.
  • Special feature to refer a friend.
  • Blog feature so that they could keep updated their users about themselves and other features and services.

The Challenges

  • As the website was going to be developed in WordPress, security was utmost challenge.
  • Maintaining the speed of the website.
  • Installing plugins which are necessary yet making few dynamic plugins in order to keep up with the speed.

The Solution

  • As the project was bit of complex, we divided the entire project in small phases and completed in same way.
  • We opted for the theme which shall minimize the cost and efforts thus giving maximum output in small duration.
  • Some minor adjustments were made to make the design work in different screen sizes.
  • Our team made the code smooth and simple so that further changes in requirements did not add any complexity.


  • A landing page with a professional look that reflects the nature of the company.
  • Highlighting different elements, targeting the general public.
  • A clear call to action for interested parties to communicate with the company.
  • A dynamic and easily manageable website.
  • Lead magnet and refer a friend feature.
  • Greater user experience that simplify the work flow.

Technologies Used

AleaIT Solutions India


With great work and dedication our team achieved the goal and deliver the project successfully in a very short span of time. The client appreciated our effort and commend us for our dedication towards work.