Our Approach

The aim that made this project successful was forming ideas about best practices regarding how to deal with complexity and the critical success factors that are involved in this. When planning project success, project failure and its recognition and avoidance is an important part of that plan.

Part of the approach we followed:

  • Complete functional specification.
  • Compare the functionality of reference websites.
  • Creation of the flow of the project.
  • How the payment system would work.
  • How to enable communication between manager and contractor.

The Challenges

The system is large and complex, but it needs to be secured completely, so there were issues related to the security and the complexity of the system:

  • There was an issue where various graphical representations were supposed to be displayed based on results, but students were not being shown the graphical representations that they should.
  • A feature of the website for students while practicing for a test should be that they can save the exam and resume it later. As registration is not required anywhere in the first phase, this needs to be managed by the dynamic login details created which leads to the issue of what will happen in the case of adaptive testing? Through discussion with the client, the solution was that adaptive test can only be for exams themselves, not for study/practising.

The Solution

All the issues were clearly addressed thus enabling us to provide relevant solutions for them. The client provided a clear specification, which we really appreciated, allowing us to provide our own input based on the functionality of adaptive testing and the types of graphs we can show on the basis of results.

We also suggested that the ‘Register’ functionality should have a clear dashboard for the students so that it is easily understood that their all the information is secure.

We took voice calls and communicated with the client regularly which helped to foster mutual understanding and led to the successful completion of the project without losing functionality or quality.

  • easy to update even for users with basic computer technology skills.
  • simple search engine optimization tools that help them improve their online search results quickly and easily.
  • Great and simple checkout process with complete details and have the option to enable/disable the payment gateway from admin.


Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction with the long term working relationship and with good understanding and communication we have achieved our goal and delivered the project successfully.