Our Approach

We analyze the requirements of the client and based on that we documented them in a final proposal. We create a set of modules which prioritized according to functionalities and high-level requirements. We design the complete flow of the web app and our designing team creates user-interactive and easy-to-navigate UI/UX designs along with good content support.We followed the agile methodology for the development. As the client approved the designs, we started with the development of the functional coding part and phase by phase completed each milestone. Complete process tracked by the client on the project management tool suchas JIRA which gave the client very good confidence and trust in the ALEAIT team.

The Challenges

1 – The user will get a real-time chat feature and a
notification without refreshing the page. 
2- Time calculation and cost-estimation
3 – The amount of Fee the client charged at the time of
payment of billing generated for the work done.  
4 – Intuitive Analytics for admin, customer, and freelancer.

The Solution

As we did a complete analysis of the web-app requirements driven by the client. Our team design a complete prototype and framed a realistic image of the web app and provide the following suggestions.– We integrate pusher for providing real-time chat featuresto both freelancers and customers. – Our team did brainstorming on calculating the working hours of the freelancer and carried out the defined cost of the freelancer. For this, our team set an algorithm for calculating the complete working hours of the freelancer, and based on the working hours we design the system in ways so that customers can easily get to know about the total cost of the work done. It provides immense benefits to the both developer and the client. Along with this, the whole process would be transparent and crystal clear to the end users which built trust in the system. – We have integrated stripe API for payment which helps inmaking the payment part easier and keeping in mind the amount of money delivered to the freelancer after the deduction of the commission.The team has suggested amazing analytics which not onlyhelps in capturing the data but the stakeholders were ableto know how the business is working and how much money they are generating.– The user experience was being taken a priority as these types of web applications should have intuitive user experience where both types of users can easily navigate without getting lost.


  • Unified dashboard for both freelancers and end-user. 
  • Proper system to track ongoing projects.
  • Users can access personalized project management tools. 
  • Users can plan, schedule, and organize their projects in one place.  
  • Easy to manage payments and invoices.  
  • Easy and intuitive Interface. 
  • Hire the freelancer and assigned the job effectively. 
  • Easy communication with chat process.
  • Real-time Notification.

Technologies Used


With great work and dedication our team achieved the goal and deliver the project successfully in a very short span of time. The client appreciated our effort and commend us for our dedication towards work.