Our Approach

As soon as we got the final requirements from the client, we started with designing the wireframes and detailing them to all the stakeholders to make the workflow and Sprints go in a very swift manner.

Moving forward, once the requirements got fixed, We moved to the development phase following the agile methodology framework. Potentially shippable products were delivered to the client every two weeks and the feedback was taken at every stage during the demo of the product.

Also, as the client was looking for speed development so we had three meetings in a week with the client/ stakeholders to discuss the progress and changes regarding any of the features as per the regular feedback shared by the client. The clients can track the progress on the Project Management tools like JIRA and Trello.

We have used the latest technologies ReactJS, Highcharts, Paypal to meet the clients requirements and in order to achieve the client expectation and above par standards of the product

Our QA and QC experts assure that the product delivered to the client is of the highest quality and with negligible errors. As we follow agile development changes are always welcoming. We made sure that the client faces no issues even after successful delivery by providing them 60 days after sales support.

The Challenges

As the project was really large and complex, there were both technical and logical issues that arose. Some of the most challenging issues were:

  • Interactive UI/UX
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Custom Tour Packages
  • Real time notification
  • Commission Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Faster Response Time

The Solution

We tried to keep the process smooth and by keeping the design stunning with maximum utility for the visitors. Our plan was to focus on a rather simple and easy to browse structure in order to provide a seamless UX for visitors.

This would enable better conversions and the stunning images of the holiday destination would speak for themselves. A clear, structured layout of the tours ensured that people could easily see the key facts about each tour without overwhelming them with information.

We used high quality photos from their tours to really immerse the viewer in each destination listed on the website. Also we have recorded google lighthouse score of 90+ and integrated advanced technologies.


  1. Customized Travel Packages
  2. Various Packages
  3. Customer Assistance
  4. Advanced search and filters
  5. Eye-catching Imagery and Videos
  6. Responsive Design
  7. Generate Sales Report
  8. Advanced Analytics
  9. Leads Management


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This application managed to get thousands of users in the first month of the launch. As many as 93% of the users responded positively. The users are quite liking the features of this application and cater to the young generation. People are using this application for entertainment, educational and business purposes.