Our Approach

As it says proper communication plays a key role to understand any project, to make our understanding broader about every aspect of client’s requirement, we properly communicate with client. After having multiple discussions and getting the clear idea of clients requirements, our business analyst thoroughly scrutinized the market to get the proper solution regarding clients requirement.Our client needs some following special features:

  • SMS credit management.
  • MMS credit management.
  • Voice broadcast.
  • Polls Management.
  • Contests Management.
  • SMS Loyalty.
  • Kiosk Builder.
  • Modification in software to add an existing SMS provider similar to Twilio i.e Signalwire.
  • Need to make everything worked using Signalwire API.
  • Listing of phone number that can be purchased.
  • Group message send.
  • Individual messaging.
  • Message chat.
  • Message scheduling.
  • Bulk message.

The Challenges

Through out the website development process we didn’t get to face any special challenge which we think need to be mentioned here. Our entire team worked efficiently and dedicatedly through out the development process, as some of the requirements were not defined earlier, which created a bit complexity in codes. To overcome this issue our developers made the code flexible to and reduce the complexity.

The Solution

We add the functionalities by keeping in mind the performance and security issues and used used content distribution network (CND)

Also we kept the client involve and make him updated regarding every aspect of website. Our team included his feedback and developed the product accordingly which made our client believes in us.

We adopted following steps to replace the api :

  • We need the project key, signalwire url and token key of signal wire.
  • After getting all the details, we just used it in our functions to send messages ,to purchase numbers,to listing available numbers.
  • Web used webhook url for getting response.

This way without facing much trouble we easily completed the project


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Client was very happy after receiving the final product. He appreciated Alea team’s effort and dedication towards the project and commends us for kept his involvement throughout the development process. Our hard work and dedication made our client believes in us.