Our Approach

ALEA team checked all the details thoroughly and analysed the complete details of managing the files & work as the team of 5-6 were working, the complete team worked on TFS thus allowing to manage the files. Being the web app it was very much necessary to give user a great user experience so that they feel connected to the system and can easily navigate.

Once the research was done, the complete wireframing and layout process was done so that nothing can be missed as per the client’s requirement. Once the client approves it we began with the functional coding part and phase by phase completed the each milestone which gave client a very good confidence and trust on ALEA team. Further, Team organised Daily scrum & set the realistic targets with proper planning & thoughts.

The Challenges

There were few challenges in terms of the following:

  • Speed of the application with huge data.
  • Load testing of the application so that if huge number of users access the system should perform well without downtime.
  • Instant Messaging, notification and privacy maintenance.

The Solution

As the complete team was involved in the scrum & daily targets they have very well managed all the issues & discussed everything. The challenges like performance of the system is being done by automation & regression testing.

Further, Clients have direct access to both project managers and the wider team behind them. The team regularly complied with deadlines and always communicated delays well ahead of time.


Client was very happy with the quality work, communication & amazing time delivery. The availability of resources made everything easy and each one has performed so well leading the project a great success.