Our Approach

Team ALEA reviewed carefully entire code of the existing website. We strategically suggested least complex approach to make recommended changes for fixing the issues on website. This enabled maximum output achieved in minimum inputs from both- developers and client.

Since ALEA has a custom Project Management Software ALEA AIM, client was notified about each phase of the project. Live notifications of project updates was sent to client. This enhances our communication with client.

The Challenges

Fixing issues in an existing website is like re-constructing it all over, as it comes along with certain challenges:

  • IP address based language of website. This was a bug in the existing website as for particular IP address language was not matching accurately, in some cases. Fixing this issue was a major challenge for our experts.
  • Issue in handling huge analytical reports generated, and fixing this involved complex changes in code.
  • Third party integrations to be made smooth and error-free was a big challenge.

The Solution

  • As the project was bit of complex, we divided the entire project in small phases and completed in same way.
  • We opted for the theme which shall minimize the cost and efforts thus giving maximum output in small duration.
  • Some minor adjustments were made to make the design work in different screen sizes.
  • Our team made the code smooth and simple so that further changes in requirements did not add any complexity.


  • A landing page with a professional look that reflects the nature of the company.
  • Highlighting different elements, targeting the general public.
  • A clear call to action for interested parties to communicate with the company.
  • A dynamic and easily manageable website.
  • Lead magnet and refer a friend feature.
  • Greater user experience that simplify the work flow.

Technologies Used

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The Result

With great work and dedication our team achieved the goal and deliver the project successfully in a very short span of time. The client appreciated our effort and commend us for our dedication towards work.