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Common Problem that Hotel F&B Dept. faces part 2


Understanding customer feedback, or how it is gained has no specific formula. What works for one person may not be totally applicable to another. However, everyone can learn a few tips and tricks, no matter how long they have been established.


Adding some buttons to the POS system that will inform the kitchen and food runners (or whatever you call your people delivering the food if not the waiter/waitress) that a guest is either a first-timer, a regular customer, or in a hurry. How can this be done?


From social sharing sites such as Instagram to crowd-sourced review sites such as TripAdvisor, people are browsing the Internet for travel inspiration and validation from their peers. There, they can easily find other travelers’ photos, check-ins, ratings, and more. This easy-to-attain, real guest feedback serves to preview the in-person experience that the destination has to offer from a viewpoint other than that of the brand.


One of the leading indicators for the restaurant industry is its prime cost. Knowing your prime cost, which can be broken down further by food and beverages, will ultimately help determine how much to charge for your products and services in order to make a profit. You are probably thinking this sounds great if I had the time to pull the information together. My restaurant consumes every waking moment of time as it is. More important, even if I had the time to gather the information, where do I start? What do I do with it when I have it?


The huge development of the hospitality industry over the past decade has been extensively influenced by advanced technology, communication systems, and transportation. People travel more around the world, and their countries are integrated into global markets. If the industry does not take care of this by taking care of this barrier, it can lose a lot of business.


Hospitality wellness does not just mean having an onsite spa or hosting the odd yoga event, it is a far more sweeping term that extends to all guests as well as all staff members for that matter. You are what you eat.

Organic, Gluten Free & Calorie Count is the new healthy today.

Do you have a plan, a strategy, and most importantly action points for you and your staff to create excellence in your restaurant daily?

Use the technology to create alerts that will allow you to more efficiently and effectively enhance the quality of your guest’s experience

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