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    AleaIT Solutions is a reputed Game Development Company in India. Our team of professional game designers and developers cater to offshore services and strive to intensify the gaming experience of users by creating exceptionally innovative graphics and addictive gaming strategies. Being a full-service Game Development Company, we deliver multiple projects of mobile software applications for individuals and businesses across the globe.

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    Our team who will work for you

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      Game Designer

      Our highly experienced game dev designers take the charge of implementing concepts and core features of the game. Choosing suitable machines for game and role-play, character biographies, story lines, and providing thrilling gameplay that fits with the selected direction and platform.

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      The person with idea, helping to supervise the project-in-progress, making decisions related to style of the created content and focusing the game development team on the important aspect. Artistic integrity instills a healthy balance between client’s vision and inventive direction of developers.

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      Assistant Producer

      Team coordinator tracking schedule, recognizing risks, fixing bugs, and maintaining smooth communication among clients and developers of our company. Ascertaining the best quality of developed game as per the industry standards, major requirements of the customers and objectives of developing the game.

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      These highly skilled technical experts translate the ideas of designers into a digital set up that can be managed and scaled accordingly. Developers who are responsible for coding the base of the game, its performance, creating scripts and storyboards, fixing problems and design issues.

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      QA Experts

      Meticulous and have keen eye for details, testers give assurance of the quality by playing all game scenarios in series. QA experts test various game versions, check its performance, correct typos and grammatical errors and report erroneous codes for well timed rectification.

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      Various artists guarantee that the visual style is in harmony. Artists frame the look of the game considerations of the gaming platform and obtain feedback from IQ engineers. They create promotional stuff, artwork for packages and websites to strengthen marketing positions.

    Our Gaming Services

    Mobile UI/UX Design

    Game Testing Services

    HTML5 Game Development

    Game Launching and Marketing Assistance


    Alea’s Expertise in Gameplay

    Full-cycle Game Development -Using the extensive expertise and creative skills of our experts, we will coordinate all stages of your project, from game designing to post-launch support. We owe the responsibility of making your dream application a reality with our custom full-circle development services.

    Game Co-development – Entitle your development opportunities and expand your team with senior programmers,  competent level designers, and seasoned 2D/3D Artists. We connect with brands well, hence our expertise can discover the best application in any pattern.

    Game Porting – Grow your reach to a larger audience with more functionality to our gaming with our competent porting services, alleviating the process of porting mobile, desktop, and AR/VR games from one platform to another and fulfilling your quality and budget expectations.

    Best Game Development Company in India

    Our Game development Platforms

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      Game designing and development for every notable console platform such as Nintendo, Xbox, PS4, etc.

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      Designing games for Android, iOS or any other cross-platform development.

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      Best-in-class game development for all kinds of personal computers and porting MacOS and Windows.

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      Using front-end technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality to develop exciting games.

    Hire Alea’s Best Game Development Team

    We focus on assisting our clients turn their innovative ideas into gaming reality by eliminating all the hurdles that occur during development. Game development is wholly different from traditional app development as it requires a blend of imagination, technology, creativity for generating outstanding user experience. Give a chance to our experts who embrace “out of the box” thinking to provide interactive and exciting gaming experience to the users.


    Benefits from our Game Development services

    • Transparent and Reliable Contract

      Our Game Development Company assure sheer satisfaction with the integrated projects and bonds repeat business in most cases. Thanks to transparent communication, open dialogue and strict compliance to the client’s requirements.

    • Guaranteed Security Practices

      You can rely on us for protection regarding your system, data and infrastructure. We stick to strict rules of protection policy integral in our game development company and keep on upgrading our systems as per the latest innovations.

    • Custom Full-cycle Development

      Alea’s game developers craft games bespoke to your specific requirements and expected budget. Veteran game development professionals in each aspect propose a customized approach to your project to match goals and scale. 

    • Scalability and Flexibility

      Being a custom game development company, we are aligned to the scale of the project as per the latest innovations. Our developers ensure that they use frameworks to create the main application and locate it on your desired platforms.

    Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

    Tech Stacks we are well versed in

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      Unity Game Engine

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      Unreal Engine

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      C, C++, C#

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    Client Success Stories

    "Definitely worth cooperating with, skilful team player and knows what he's doing. No regrets. Would hire again."
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    What are the stages involved in game design and development?

    The whole process of game development can be categorized in three parts : Pre-production, Production and Post production. The process starts with deciding the theme and concept of the game along with story line, preparing project plan and architecture design. Production stage includes Design, Development, Testing and QA. Post production covers Launch and maintenance of the game.

    Do you develop games that work on all platforms and devices?

    Yes, We can design a gaming application that works on all platforms or operating systems. You will have to go for cross platform application development wherein our developers use frameworks to develop the main application and then launch it on those platforms where you want to.

    Can you suggest the best cross platform SDK for developing mobile games?

    There are various good options for cross platform mobile development such as: Unity, Corona Labs, Game Salad, Cocos2D-x, Lumberyard and many more.

    Does your Company provide assistance in publishing my games?

     Once you assign a game development project to our team of creative game engineers, they will be supporting you in the full cycle till the ultimate stage of publishing your games and launching it in the app store.

    How will I earn revenue from games?

    As and when your game is live online, you can sell your game (if it is paid). This will start generating revenue and profits. If the game is free to play then you can monetize it through in-game advertisements and in-app purchases.

    What if I am unsatisfied with your services?

     If you are not satisfied with our service, our company will provide you with a refund within ten business days, as we do believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our clients. This day hasn’t come yet, and we continue to assure quality services