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NFT Development Solutions we offer

We offer a custom NFT Development service that keeps tabs on the trends in drifting blockchain technology. It has been concluded, based on our analysis, that NFTs are gaining traction in the creative and video gaming industries. As a justification for being the leader in the app development market, it is obvious to us that NFTs will thrive in the future. In our pursuit of helping maestros give their artworks a life of their own, we have indulged in the development of NFTs. 

Our NFT Development Solutions are top-of-the-line with the best tech stacks, which comprise integrated blockchain, smart development, and high-security wallets that synchronize with your business objectives.  

Our team of developers is alpha geeks who work together to offer you the best possible solutions that break barriers between you and profits. Avail of the best NFT Token Development Services for your launch that will satisfy the crypto mania of your audience. 

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Our World-class NFT Software Development Solutions

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    NFT Governance Token

    ICO NFTs as governance tokens are designed and developed by our experts according to the specifications and introduced to the marketplace quickly.

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    Custom NFT Development

    We are a leading provider of NFT Software and Website Development, always providing the smartest market features in our software and websites.

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    NFT-Based ICO Development

    As a top NFT development Agency, we provide complete ICO solutions, including the development and marketing of the ICO website.

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    NFT-Based ICO Exchange Platform

    We draft accurate and thorough white papers to create a robust and customer-focused NFT software application.

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    NFT Marketplace & ICO Development

    Our team analyzes current market trends, strengths, competitors, and the latest technologies to design the most beneficial ICO.

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    NFT Support & Maintenance

    Our NFT developers are available for assistance after delivering NFT Development Solutions. Integrating seamless solutions is at the core of our abilities.

Why Choose Us?

Why is AleaIT the right choice when it comes to NFT Development Services?

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    Blockchain Platform Knowledge

    NFTs utilize blockchain technology, and our NFT developers are proficient with multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Stellar, and EOS.

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    Advanced API

    Our NFT Development Services are backed with complete support of smart contacts and third-party API Integrations to deliver meaningful output on all projects.

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    Compliance with NFT Standards

    Be it ERC-1155, ERC-721, or ERC-998 NFT Standards, we have expertise in all three to offer NFT platforms that operate efficiently while complying with standards.


NFT Development Services: Appealing Benefits

  • Identity

    Each NFT token contains a unique signature that can be used to verify ownership of digital assets. A replica of this signature is impossible. 

  • Rareness

    The NFT Development solutions are governed by smart contracts, enabling developers to regulate the number of NFTs they can generate. 

  • Transparency

    The NFT ecosystems employ decentralized ecosystems that enable all data and transactions to be verified publicly, ensuring a high level of transparency.

  • No intermediaries

    Blockchain technology powers NFTs wherein they allow tokens to be delivered directly from creator to collector without any middlemen.


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Alea IT is going to be an asset for future projects. They have been incredibly professional with their communication and, of course, expertise. Even surprised me by going the extra mile and saving me time reworking certain things that were not part of the job description. Very conscientious of customer service.
A+ -Phuong
Pricing and Plan

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    Art Tokenization

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    Marketplace Development

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    Lending Platform

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    Domain NFTs

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    Exchange Development

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    IPO Development

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    Pictures & Videos

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AleaIT Solutions


How will I earn money with NFTs?

Yes! Of course. By buying and selling the Non Fungible Tokens, investors and entrepreneurs can profit from them, as they can use them as a form of investment, similar to stocks.

Could you please tell me what I should do to trade NFTs?

The process of trading NFTs is quite simple. The first step is to select any of the NFT marketplaces like Axie Marketplace, OpenSea, or any such tokens. Sign up for NFT Marketplace, and you will be able to sell and buy NFTs.